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It’s the Weekend!

Well, it was my first week back at school and was way busier than I imagined, but I felt productive.  Love those kinds of weeks.  And a shout out to Donna and Allison whom I think I called 50 times a day this week!  LOL Today was so beautiful.  We really do pay for our […]

Hearing from my Soldier!

Well, today I finally got letter #5 from Zach.  It’s been about 5 weeks since he left and every letter is a breath of fresh air.  I was a little sad because he wrote it on Easter.  And I know for us, we felt sad on Easter as this was the first holiday he wasn’t […]

Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY!

I have so much to do that I cannot wrap my head around it.  With Zachary graduating this year and all of my year-end hoopla at school, it’s a bit overwhelming and it takes a LOT to get me overwhelmed!  I started a to-do list and I’ve never quite had one like that.  Why does […]