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Well, day 1 back to school today and it wasn’t too bad.  We are giving SAT testing this week, so my teaching load is a lot smaller.  My ankle did swell something awful, but nothing a little elevation couldn’t take care of. The heat was still in the high 90’s today.  Yesterday we reached a […]

Happy Hair Day!

Ya….today I get to finally get my hair done. It’s amazing to me just how much of little hairs of grey are protruding through my root system. *sigh* I promise, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old! LOL Actually I don’t feel old. That’s a huge plus. I think of […]

6 more weeks of winter?

Well, it’s official, the little guy saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of winter. I can hardly call the weather we’re having winter. Sheeze….80 degrees? I’m really not complaining, because I know so many of you are freezing your fannies off! I just hope my roses don’t think it’s spring yet. I recently had […]