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Where did June go?

I honestly KNOW where it went.  It went preparing for Graduation, Graduation party, end of school year.  I wasn’t as stressed as I thought I’d be and happened to make it without any heart mishaps. My goal this summer is to have a stress-free summer and spend some time with the kids and do some […]

Lazy dayz of summer…

Gawshhhh!  All I have wanted to do lately is be lazy.  I think entertaining my mom wiped me out.  I also notice if I try to do too much that my ankle starts to throb.  I am walking pretty good these days as people don’t even notice that I broke my ankle! But…there is a […]

Summer is….

HERE!  The heat has set in and I’m already having a hard time with it.  Gone are the days of basking in the sun all day by the pool.  My heart just can’t take the heat! Wanted to pop on here as I’ve been a bad little blogger.  Once my mom got here, I thought […]