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Monday, Monday…

Well, it’s overcasted this morning hence the reason I slept until 11:30 this morning.  I had been up all night with an awful cough.  Poor Rich, who is sick as well, got up and made me some Emergen-C with honey last night and a few zinc pills.  I just couldn’t stop coughing.  Ended up sleeping […]

Oops, May 7th

Well, I know it’s not May 7th, but Happy Birthday to my son yesterday!  He is now officially 16.  And when did I sign up for the attitude to go with it????  Riddle me that one Batman!  We ended not doing anything really because he had gotten a lot of hockey gear the week or […]

Insert Subject Here~

HA HA, I never know what to put as the subject line.  I talk about array of things usually and not one particular subject. This weekend was a very trying weekend as a teacher.  As a teacher, your goal is instruct and prepare the students for the next grade. I believe I do a good […]