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Oops, May 7th

Well, I know it’s not May 7th, but Happy Birthday to my son yesterday!  He is now officially 16.  And when did I sign up for the attitude to go with it????  Riddle me that one Batman!  We ended not doing anything really because he had gotten a lot of hockey gear the week or […]

Project Day~

Ok, so I woke up seriously still not feeling well, but I knew Rich would be home soon (around noon)  from dog training and had to get up and act like I had been doing something.  Do any of you do that?  Get up and start cleaning away right before the hubby comes home?  I […]

I can’t believe….

….how fast the days evaporate. I think it gets this way the last trimester of the school year. I haven’t blogged all week and that’s unusual for me too lately. This weekend I managed to work on my ongoing Craft/puter room project. The plan was to turn my office in a craft room as well. […]