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Where did June go?

I honestly KNOW where it went.  It went preparing for Graduation, Graduation party, end of school year.  I wasn’t as stressed as I thought I’d be and happened to make it without any heart mishaps. My goal this summer is to have a stress-free summer and spend some time with the kids and do some […]

I thought it was over…

ya, sure…school is over, but the drama is beginning.  My oldest son isn’t acting the “OLDEST” in the least.  I can’t get into it, but I let’s just say I don’t think he’s making very wise decisions.  I guess at this point you have to sit back, pray, and remind yourself that you have spoken […]

Things I’ve learned… (while having a broken ankle)

*never take for granite taking a shower or going to the bathroom by yourself! (Oh Lordy, no time for modesty here!) *walking is overated (NOT!!!!!) *to lean/depend on others when you need before you are forced to. *take time to smell the roses (literally)  Read your bible more and pray more!  Amazing things can happen! […]