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The Long Road…

…is finally winding down!  Only 4 more days and I get this beautiful “PINK” thang off that I’ve been carrying around with me for 5 weeks.  *evil grin* I’ve been laid up now a total of almost 7 weeks.  Although I’m axious for it to be off where I can begin therapy, I a not […]

Here’s the deal pickle!

Update from prior post… Tuesday morning is the day they decided to have my procedure done. I was anxious, excited and nervous all in one. I was to get an ablation of the heart. I have an electrical problem that causes my heart to beat very, very fast. I have had an ablation done once […]

OH my…what a beautiful morning!

I just had to show you guys this beautiful sunrise from my balcony this morning. It’s absolutely a reflection of God’s perfectionism! I was in awe. You will have to ignore the telephone pole though, couldn’t help that. LOL Have a great day all. Remember to click on the picture for a bigger view! They […]