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OUCH! My poor garden!

Well, I was thinking about my blog this morning and the name I chose for it.  Humm….watered gardens!  Well, it occurred to me that I haven’t really watered this garden very much with posts and the whole reason I set up this blog was so that I can reflect back on what God has done […]

Insert Subject Here~

HA HA, I never know what to put as the subject line.  I talk about array of things usually and not one particular subject. This weekend was a very trying weekend as a teacher.  As a teacher, your goal is instruct and prepare the students for the next grade. I believe I do a good […]

Finding the Merry in Merry Christmas

Today marks the one month anniversary of my heart surgery.  I am not really sure why I haven’t posted in so long, it honestly just hasn’t crossed my mind. Here’s the update.  The first two weeks after my heart surgery were pretty up and down.  They had warned me that I would still have problems […]