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It’s the Weekend!

Well, it was my first week back at school and was way busier than I imagined, but I felt productive.  Love those kinds of weeks.  And a shout out to Donna and Allison whom I think I called 50 times a day this week!  LOL Today was so beautiful.  We really do pay for our […]

OUCH! My poor garden!

Well, I was thinking about my blog this morning and the name I chose for it.  Humm….watered gardens!  Well, it occurred to me that I haven’t really watered this garden very much with posts and the whole reason I set up this blog was so that I can reflect back on what God has done […]

Counting the dayz!

I can’t believe school is almost out.  My daughter was counting the days and it appears we have 20 actual school days left and 14 home days.  Seeing it that way just makes me more ready for summer. Last week I was suppose to teach for women’s group, but they postponed it until tonight.  So […]