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Finding the Merry in Merry Christmas

Today marks the one month anniversary of my heart surgery.  I am not really sure why I haven’t posted in so long, it honestly just hasn’t crossed my mind. Here’s the update.  The first two weeks after my heart surgery were pretty up and down.  They had warned me that I would still have problems […]

Relief in sight…

Well, I landed myself in the hospital. Friday night I wasn’t feeling good when I went to Bible Study Group. I managed to make it through that and was ok later in the evening. Then Saturday morning at 6am, my SVT’s ended up starting AGAIN by waking me up. I am usually one to troop […]

Figuring it out…

Welp, I spent the entire morning in the ER. I woke up at 5:20 realizing I wasn’t dreaming and I was really having SVT’s again. I knew my only chance to get a decent reading was to go to the ER and allow them to record everything. I still have an appt. with the specialist […]