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Rich has been busily working for the last two years with the National Task Force (Urban Search & Rescue Team K-9 Unit).  A couple of weeks ago they were to go and pick up the dogs that had been specifically trained for them.  When they got there, they did not know which dog they were […]


Well, I survived!  I survived 3 days of work at the school.  I only worked 1/2 days but I still managed to put out a few fires while I was there.  It appears that some parents are having a hard time dealing with my assistant at school.  She has been with me 5 years and […]

Old Navy…

I just love this new commercial by Old Navy.  I am cracking up at the manicans! N-Joy httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwv_PlmVHqI I’m doing well with my cast.  Tomorrow morning I have an appt. with the electro-physiologist to see if they will do surgery on my heart again.  I’m really hoping this doctor will take the agressive move and […]