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As usual…

I am so glad it’s Friday and my 4 day weekend.  We also get a day off from homeschooling on Monday for the holiday. I wanted to share here how God changed an attitude in me.  I know it’s only been 15 days into the new year, but I prayed that God would change my […]

Finding the Merry in Merry Christmas

Today marks the one month anniversary of my heart surgery.  I am not really sure why I haven’t posted in so long, it honestly just hasn’t crossed my mind. Here’s the update.  The first two weeks after my heart surgery were pretty up and down.  They had warned me that I would still have problems […]

Spring Forward….Fall Back….

I really like the sound of Spring Forward. Tonight we will lose an hour, but gain an hour of sunshine. But more than that, I like thinking of moving forward in the year because this year is such an awesome year of change for our family. Our Budget is doing exactly what I intended for […]