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Long time…

I know it’s been a while since I updated.  I seem to have gotten so caught up with the facebook  and twitter bug.  I know it’s not as personal and “deep,” but it makes it much easier to keep up with your friends on a daily basis without having to find everyone’s blog URL.  Don’t […]

Lazy dayz of summer…

Gawshhhh!  All I have wanted to do lately is be lazy.  I think entertaining my mom wiped me out.  I also notice if I try to do too much that my ankle starts to throb.  I am walking pretty good these days as people don’t even notice that I broke my ankle! But…there is a […]


I am almost there!  Only 3 days left of school and then I’ll take my class to Knotts Soak City for their end of the year party and field trip.  FUN FUN FUN!  Although, with my ankle, I’ll just be sitting around with other moms and playing scrabble!  Yes Scrabble!  It’s our THANG!  LOL ((BELLA […]