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It’s the Weekend!

Well, it was my first week back at school and was way busier than I imagined, but I felt productive.  Love those kinds of weeks.  And a shout out to Donna and Allison whom I think I called 50 times a day this week!  LOL

Today was so beautiful.  We really do pay for our awesome weather, but I love it.  I even dipped into the pool a little.  Bella even got to swim.  Rich and I also got a very nice walk in as well.

I received another letter today. That’s actually two letters in a row from Zach.  He had hurt his toe last week when the base of an industrial fan fell off right on his toe.  He said it looked horrible.  They sent him to the doctor to get x-rays and praise the Lord it wasn’t broke.  He had to use crutches for like 5 days and just ice it.  He was really bummed because he missed some of the PT.  On a better note, once he was up and around he had his second PT test and scored really high being in the top 1% of his group on physical  fitness.  I knew he’d be up there as all my kids are in great shape.  I could tell from his letter (which made me sad) that he is really missing home.  His letters have just been so soaked in humility that it makes a mom want to cry.  It has to be really tough to not have any contact with family, no phone, nothing, and being with all those strangers day in and day out.  I did print out some pictures we found of him on a website and sent those to him as well as some from our Easter dinner.  I’m sure he appreciated those.  We’re proud of him and keep praying for him to finish strong.  His graduation day is May 18th.  What a wonderful birthday present for me.  My Mom and step-dad are also driving out to see Zach graduate which will be awesome because I haven’t seen my Mom in a couple of years.

Speaking of home, my niece is getting married in July and Olivia and I are going to travel to my home town to attend her wedding.  I am super excited and finally Olivia will get to meet her other cousin and see the home I grew up in.  Wish I could afford to take the whole family, but airline ticket prices are outrageous!!!!  I seriously don’t know how people travel all the time.  I’d have to take out a second mortgage to afford it.  *sigh*

I’m upstairs and I can hear Rich playing the drums.  I know he misses jammin’ with Zach on the guitar and drums.  Weird to not hear guitar music with the drums.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Keep praying for Zach if you think about it.

Until next time….


Hearing from my Soldier!

Well, today I finally got letter #5 from Zach.  It’s been about 5 weeks since he left and every letter is a breath of fresh air.  I was a little sad because he wrote it on Easter.  And I know for us, we felt sad on Easter as this was the first holiday he wasn’t with us.  He said it was really lonely not to be with family on Easter and said he felt weird not going to church with us.

Rich and the family have been doing really well keeping up with letter writing almost daily to make sure he hears what’s going on at home.  Even our everyday life seems to matter when writing to Zach.  I think it makes him still feel apart of what’s going on here.  I am thankful for Grandparents and friends willing to step up and write him letters and send cards.  Zach mentions in his letter what a tremendous moral booster this is for him.  In this last letter he mentions that there was a website we could view photos of his platoon.  I guess you could say that was the highlight of my day.  We found many photos of him of which I’m going to do something with *wink*.

On another side note….seems like he’s been writing to a girl named Maggie.  They knew each other from Foothills School and have been writing each other since.  He really wants her to be there for Graduation so it looks like we’ll be making plans to have her attend with us.  Can I just say one thing here???  I checked airline tickets this afternoon, came home this evening and it went up like $60.00 a ticket!  I’ve heard that Thurs. nights they go up and after the weekend it should go back down.  Well, I’m definitely waiting!!!

Thank you all for writing Zach and sending cards.  John, if you are reading this, Zach says he’s been carrying his challenge coin wherever he goes.

Until next time…


2 weeks ALREADY!

As most of you know my son Zach left for the Army on March 5th.  He didn’t actually make it to Ft. Sill until later that week.  And now  I’m looking at the calendar and he’s been in official Boot Camp for a week as of today.  I haven’t heard from him for over a week and last night I think it finally sunk in that’s he’s not home and not coming home for a very long time.  It no longer seems like he’s spending the nights at friends or gone camping.  So for now, I’m awaiting our first phone call which by reading forums could be anytime now or a long time.

Speaking of forums, I’ve been casually checking out a Parent’s of Soldiers Forum that offers encouragement, support, and even information.  When I first started reading some of the posts, I guess I was a little taken back that a LOT of Mom’s on there seemed very distraught, upset, and very emotional.  It made me wonder why I wasn’t feeling those feelings.  Was I to feel guilty?  Should I act like them? Am I just disconnected?  As I shared this with my MIL yesterday, she said something to me that finally made sense of all that.  She said it’s because YOU have PEACE!  That was it!!!  Rich and I had been praying for months starting last year about Zach’s decision and I finally told the Lord, “Lord, if this is not the path you have for our son, then please close this door before March.  But if this was a path you could see Zach going down, then I gladly lay him in your hands to protect, love, and mature.”  As the months passed it was very clear to me that God was not shutting that door of opportunity.  So on March 5th, the day he left, I felt an overwhelming peace!  Yes, I cried, said our “I love you’s” and “Good byes”, but for some reason at that moment everything seemed like it was all going according to God’s plan.

I am confident that Zach will do well and will even be more proud once he graduates.  It’s hard to wrap my head around knowing my first born is in the military, but you know, I have such a greater appreciation now for the military than I ever did.  Rich and I are concentrating on spending more time with our other two kids as it’s a realization that time doesn’t stop for anyone and those moments will go by fast.  Tell those closest to you how much you love them.  Spend quality time with them.  You can’t ever get that time back!

Until next time…