~ABC’s of Me~

Who’s behind the pages?

A – A child of God, active, administrative gifting, accountable.
B – Blessed beyond measure, Boring at times, Body conscience.
C – Caring for other, considerate,creative,committed, and cheerful.
D – Dedicated Mom, daring, driven.
E – Excellent Wife, easy going, exciting.
F – Fervent Prayer Warrior, faithful to friends, family and most importantly God, forgiving.
G – Great Friend.
H – Happily Married for 21 years, humorous, happy, helpful and humble(don’t laugh).
I – Imaginative, impatient (yes, I am working on this), industrious.
J – Jesus Filled, jovial, just.
K – Kind to all, knowledgeable.
L – Likeable and loving!
M – Melancholy
N – Never Late (pet peeve), nice.
O – Outgoing, open-hearted, Original
P – Perfectionist, playful, patient(well, I was told that the other day, can’t I be both patient and impatient at times?)
Q – Quick witted.
R – Reliable, responsible, reasonable.
S – Satisfied, secure, stable, spontaneous (hubby can’t believe I can get ready in 15 min. or less)
T – Talkative, thoughtful, truthful, True Texan.
U – Unique, unusual, understanding.
V – Very Organized, virtuous, victorious (with God’s help), volunteer.
W – Witty, wise (not in my own flesh), witness for Jesus, woman of God.
X – eXtremely sure I won’t find a word that describes me with an X. Not even xerox machine. Can’t stand those things! LOL
Y – Young looking (most of the time) HA!
Z – Zealous, zips through work.

I’m sure as in time, things change, our characters change, our likes and dislikes change, so come back again. The one thing that WILL never change, is my relationship with Jesus and all He stands for. That, no one can take away! I’ve been a Christian for over 33 years. Was I always walking with the Lord. No, there were times I slid back into old ways and habits that kept me from staying in the Light. But I’m so glad that our Precious Father in heaven sent his Son that we may not be condemned for our sin but be forgiven for it.

Kacy <><