It’s a good day!

This has been my first REAL day off in a while.  I almost forgot what it is like to just rest and not be in work mode.  While my to-do list sits here, I really have no intention of making it happen.  But, that’s a good thing for right now.

Cameron took his Heartland Fire Reserve Program test today.  I texted him about 11:30 to ask how it went.  He said he got a 64% and you need a 75% to pass.  I couldn’t believe it because of all the studying he has done.  Seconds later, he sent me this:


That stinker!  I knew he could do it.  Tomorrow he will take the Agility test.  I know he’ll do well on that.  Extra prayers couldn’t hurt!  Once he passes this test, then it’s on to the Interview Board.  I think Cameron is most nervous about this part than any of the other.  If he gets accepted, then he’ll have an awesome chance of being put through the Fire Academy and then next year Medic School.  We pretty much told him that the next 3 years of his life are crucial for his career.
Zach is doing well.  I still know he misses home a lot.  Sometimes in life the path we choose at the time isn’t what’s really best for us.  Zach is head strong and there was no keeping him from joining the Army.  Although he loves being a combat medic, I think he misses home more.

I’m doing something different that I started about a month ago.  I’m reading the Bible in a year chronologically.  It’s quite interesting how  I skipped from Genesis to Job.  There sure is a lot to learn from Job.  He was so in-depth.  And, you would think reading Genesis would be quite boring.  Not so for me.  I dug out my Dake’s Study Bible and just really started digging through scripture and it had new meaning to me.  I had totally forgotten about the world before the earth was formed.  The days in which Satan ruled as an angel.  I had forgotten about the giants too.  The downside to reading the Bible in a year is I want to stop and study the scripture but there’s not enough time to do it in my timing.  You have to read so many chapters a day.  But what I’m gathering from it is still PRICELESS!

Welp, I better go.  I have NOTHING to do, NOWHERE to go and my TO DO list…well… can just sit here and eyeball me because I’m taking the day off!!! 😉

Till later….


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  1. 1Tammy

    I’m so glad Cam did well on his test. I know he’ll nail the interview, too! I am really enjoying reading through the bible, too. Like you, there are times when I want to stop and really dig into something, but I do stop to read my study notes in my bible quite frequently. <3 U!


  2. 2Susan

    Hi Kacy, I found Job kind of hard to read. Kind of cool to read something and a light bulb go on as you learn something new. I have read the Bible twice, but not in Chronological order. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we are reading this. I am sure God wants us to learn some thing as we draw closer to end times. So good to be able to catch up like old times. I just added pics at my blog. Enjoy your week. Hugs


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