Long time no write!

Gosh, another month or so and it would be a year since I wrote here.  A lot has happened in a year.  I’m not sure where to begin.  Olivia got her permit recently and I have reluctantly not let her drive yet.  She enters the 11th grade this year and it’s hard to believe my youngest only has two more years of highschool and 3 more church camps left.  ((WHAAA))  She’s grown into such a wonderful Godly woman!

Cameron received his EMT certificate in January and got a job with Balboa Ambulance.  His goal is to get into the Reserves with Heartland soon, then paramedic school.  It would be Rich’s dream if Cameron eventually got to work a few years with his Dad at the Fire Department.  I’m sure he will get there!  He’s a natural at all this medical stuff.

Zachary….OH Zachary….He continues working in the ER room a Ft. Carson learning skills he ordinarily wouldn’t learn in the civilian world.  He has such passion for learning more.  He’s even mentioned maybe being a PA.  We’ll see where the Lord leads him. I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half.   And the biggest news in his life is he got married in July.  It was sudden for many reasons, but we will wish them well and pray for a blessed marriage.  I’m proud he’s made the commitment.

Rich continues to work hard and train his search dog.  At one point during all the tornadoes we thought him and Bella would get deployed.  It was close.  I know they both would have served the devastated area well.  Recently he passed the test for his Ham Radio.  Yeah!!  Another notch in his belt!  Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into a super hobby because it’s kindof geeky to me! 😛  Speaking of hobbies.  Rich completely redid out family room and has turned it into a Crossfit Super Gym.  He had so much fun doing it! 😀

As for me, I wrapped up my second year as Office Administrator at Foothills Christian Jr. High.  It was such a transition for me to go from teaching to administration work, but I fell right into my other gifting.  The Lord knew they needed me and it was a great relationship.  This year the church is building us a new Jr. High campus.  We haven’t moved in yet and it’s making me a little nervous as school starts the day after Labor Day and all of our stuff is packed up.  God will work it out and I just need to rest in him and not get all uptight about how many things I normally would have ready before now.  I got this! *wink* 😉  And…I have been doing crossfit since November.  I am loving my trainer Windy.  What a great motivator.  I’ve hurt my ankle and back a bit, but she’s always there with open arms for me again to keep going.

This year Olivia and I have embarked on a new hobby.  DISNEYLAND!!!!  We bought yearly passes and have had such a wonderful time going there at least once a week or so.  I was a little  worried about the summer crowds, but it’s been fine.  I know she is growing up too fast, and I want to savor our time together doing something we both love.  It’s funny because a week will go by and we feel like we are having Disneyland withdrawals.  It’s the same feeling I have when I don’t read my bible for a few days.  Like something is missing.  One of the privileges of homeschooling is well…MORE DISNEYLAND DAYS!  😉

I’m so thankful for where my life is now.  It is becoming a new season where hardly anyone is home and it’s made me center my direction on things I always said I’d do when the kids were grown.  Strange, I know…  I am thankful that Rich and I both have great jobs, healthy kids and a wonderful extended family.

So now that I have more time…I’m going to make sure I start blogging more.  I miss going back and seeing where I was or where my family was at a particular time.  Shows me just how God has been working in all of our lives.

Till next time….



6 Responses to “Long time no write!”

  1. 1Susan

    Hi Kacy, it was really nice to read what had been going on in your life
    we have seen each other’s kids grow up over all these years. We really do have to meet up at Disneyland one of there days. i would like to see a picture of your living room with all the exercise stuff. I think homes should be functional. That is so cool about your son and Emt. So before we know it you will be a grandma too. Meanwhile, have fun this summer. So happy you are blogging. hugs


  2. 2Tammy

    Yay! I’m so glad you blogged. I already knew most of what you wrote, but I still enjoyed reading it. Love you and I’m so, so glad that we are chatting regularly again!! xo


  3. 3Susan

    Hi Kacy, so how it work going. What do you do at work?
    When are you going to Disneyland again so we can meet up?


    Kacy Reply:

    Hi Susan, I am the administrative asst. to the principal. I handle all monies, field trips, flyers, sports, forms, you name it! I had to think there for a minute because I do everything. 😛 Olivia just went yesterday for the Halloween reveal. She said it was nuts. I was going to meet up with her, but ended up not going. I will probably go in the next 2 weeks or so on a Monday.


  4. 4Pam

    Hi Kacy!!! It is so great to read your update. Sounds like a full, blessed life. 🙂



    Kacy Reply:

    Thank you Pam! I do feel blessed!


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