Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t written since April.  I can’t say I’ve really been too busy to just sit a moment and catch everyone up on what’s going on.  So here’s what’s happening with us!

Zach, our son and soldier just finished up Medic school in the 68 Whiskey Program with high percentages.  He excelled above and beyond in the Physical Training aspect with scores over 330.  We have been enjoying regular phone calls here and there catching up on his day and the military life and I have to say I think that Military life suits him perfectly!  He has always loved challenge since he was a kid. And we all know the Military does challenge you.  For the next 12 days (now 9 I think) he’ll be at Camp Bullis in San Antonio, Texas for more hard training.  After he’s completed that he will get to come home for 2 weeks.  I guess originally it was only for 1 week but he wrote an essay and was picked to attend an extra week here and work at the recruiting office/s here in San Diego.  He’ll work 8-5 and get to come home in the evenings.  We are super excited.  We haven’t seen him since his graduation in May.  As a mom, I think he’s looking a little thin, but I have the solution to that.  We’re gonna fatten that boy up a bit while he’s home and cook his favorite meals and just have awesome fellowship with him and listen to him play the guitar again.  Oh how I miss that!

As for Cam, he’s going to be attending EMT school in a few weeks.  He graduated High School this year.  That’s two down and one to go!  I’m so old!  😉 He’s no longer working at the Ice Rink anymore.  It was a great Highschool job for 2 years, but they just don’t promote much there and he was ready to make some serious money.  He’s now working at Discount Tire in El Cajon.  He’s loving the busy-ness of the job and has such respect for his superiors.  I think it’s a perfect job match for him.  He’ll continue to work through EMT school.  I forgot to mention, he received his National Hockey Referring Certificate and has been reffing lots of hockey games for extra money as well.  He’s definitely a son of many talents!

Olivia, olivia, olivia….she is growing up way too fast right before my very eyes.  This last weekend she turned 15.  ((((WHAT????))))  UGH!  By January she’ll be able to get her driving permit.  OH MY!  She is still attending group ice skating lessons with the plan to go back to private lessons this fall.  She also wants to play soccer again this year and improve her skills.  I dropped her off to go to camp yesterday and I feel so lost without her around.  Strange when  you are use to someone being with you all the time and then they are gone.

As for me, I am beginning my second year as Office Administrator at the Jr. High Campus.  It was hard for me to stop teaching last year, but I realize I am where God wants me.  I am enjoying my Zumba classes and try to get at least one class in each week.  I took Olivia to Amarillo, Texas a few weeks ago to attend my nieces wedding.  It was a long over due visit and I enjoyed catching up with my sister and mom and Olivia finally meeting her cousin and boy did they get along great!!!  Makes me wish so much that our families lived closer.  Texas is just too far away.

Rich is still actively busy with Bella, his National Search and Rescue Dog.  Although he hasn’t gotten deployed anywhere yet with Bella, he regularly trains 1-2 times a week with other fellow rescue dog owners.  It’s been a long hard journey with all the training, but he has found his balanced place between work, training and spending time at home.  It’s also been nice spending time together with a lot more date nights with the kids gone so much.

Speaking of Gone, since Olivia is at camp, Cam is working and Rich is working until Sunday.  I have time this week to meet some friends for lunch and dinner and I’m looking forward to that.

I will write again soon.  I’m reminding myself how important it is to jot down things that are happening in my life because you really do forget some of the details as time goes on.

Until then…


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  1. 1Tammy

    Hi Kacy! I’ve been a bad blogger, too, but today I finally updated and thought I’d do a bit of blog hopping while I’m at it. Have a great Saturday! xo


  2. 2Julie

    Oh my goodness Kacy, your family is doing great and growing so fast. You have done a great job of raising them up and now you’re getting to see the fruits of your labor being manifested in their lives.You must be so very proud of them.

    And as for Olivia…your baby girl being 15 now…now way! When did that happen! It seems no time since she was a little tot. The years roll by way too fast.

    Good to catch up on your family news. Leaving you big squishy hugs…mwah. 😉


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