It’s the Weekend!

Well, it was my first week back at school and was way busier than I imagined, but I felt productive.  Love those kinds of weeks.  And a shout out to Donna and Allison whom I think I called 50 times a day this week!  LOL

Today was so beautiful.  We really do pay for our awesome weather, but I love it.  I even dipped into the pool a little.  Bella even got to swim.  Rich and I also got a very nice walk in as well.

I received another letter today. That’s actually two letters in a row from Zach.  He had hurt his toe last week when the base of an industrial fan fell off right on his toe.  He said it looked horrible.  They sent him to the doctor to get x-rays and praise the Lord it wasn’t broke.  He had to use crutches for like 5 days and just ice it.  He was really bummed because he missed some of the PT.  On a better note, once he was up and around he had his second PT test and scored really high being in the top 1% of his group on physical  fitness.  I knew he’d be up there as all my kids are in great shape.  I could tell from his letter (which made me sad) that he is really missing home.  His letters have just been so soaked in humility that it makes a mom want to cry.  It has to be really tough to not have any contact with family, no phone, nothing, and being with all those strangers day in and day out.  I did print out some pictures we found of him on a website and sent those to him as well as some from our Easter dinner.  I’m sure he appreciated those.  We’re proud of him and keep praying for him to finish strong.  His graduation day is May 18th.  What a wonderful birthday present for me.  My Mom and step-dad are also driving out to see Zach graduate which will be awesome because I haven’t seen my Mom in a couple of years.

Speaking of home, my niece is getting married in July and Olivia and I are going to travel to my home town to attend her wedding.  I am super excited and finally Olivia will get to meet her other cousin and see the home I grew up in.  Wish I could afford to take the whole family, but airline ticket prices are outrageous!!!!  I seriously don’t know how people travel all the time.  I’d have to take out a second mortgage to afford it.  *sigh*

I’m upstairs and I can hear Rich playing the drums.  I know he misses jammin’ with Zach on the guitar and drums.  Weird to not hear guitar music with the drums.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Keep praying for Zach if you think about it.

Until next time….


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  1. 1Susan

    Hi Kacy, I did not know you were blogging again. It was good to get caught up. I know you are meeting up with Tammy this month and I may be able to make one day. I would like to meet you. I also wanted to let you know I posted a link at my blog to our Hawaii vacation in June.
    I think you mentioned you and Rich going. I already want to go back. I hope to hear from you soon. Hugs


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