Hearing from my Soldier!

Well, today I finally got letter #5 from Zach.  It’s been about 5 weeks since he left and every letter is a breath of fresh air.  I was a little sad because he wrote it on Easter.  And I know for us, we felt sad on Easter as this was the first holiday he wasn’t with us.  He said it was really lonely not to be with family on Easter and said he felt weird not going to church with us.

Rich and the family have been doing really well keeping up with letter writing almost daily to make sure he hears what’s going on at home.  Even our everyday life seems to matter when writing to Zach.  I think it makes him still feel apart of what’s going on here.  I am thankful for Grandparents and friends willing to step up and write him letters and send cards.  Zach mentions in his letter what a tremendous moral booster this is for him.  In this last letter he mentions that there was a website we could view photos of his platoon.  I guess you could say that was the highlight of my day.  We found many photos of him of which I’m going to do something with *wink*.

On another side note….seems like he’s been writing to a girl named Maggie.  They knew each other from Foothills School and have been writing each other since.  He really wants her to be there for Graduation so it looks like we’ll be making plans to have her attend with us.  Can I just say one thing here???  I checked airline tickets this afternoon, came home this evening and it went up like $60.00 a ticket!  I’ve heard that Thurs. nights they go up and after the weekend it should go back down.  Well, I’m definitely waiting!!!

Thank you all for writing Zach and sending cards.  John, if you are reading this, Zach says he’s been carrying his challenge coin wherever he goes.

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  1. 1Robin

    Glad he’s doing well and has such an awesome support team! (nice post Kacy)


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