2 weeks ALREADY!

As most of you know my son Zach left for the Army on March 5th.  He didn’t actually make it to Ft. Sill until later that week.  And now  I’m looking at the calendar and he’s been in official Boot Camp for a week as of today.  I haven’t heard from him for over a week and last night I think it finally sunk in that’s he’s not home and not coming home for a very long time.  It no longer seems like he’s spending the nights at friends or gone camping.  So for now, I’m awaiting our first phone call which by reading forums could be anytime now or a long time.

Speaking of forums, I’ve been casually checking out a Parent’s of Soldiers Forum that offers encouragement, support, and even information.  When I first started reading some of the posts, I guess I was a little taken back that a LOT of Mom’s on there seemed very distraught, upset, and very emotional.  It made me wonder why I wasn’t feeling those feelings.  Was I to feel guilty?  Should I act like them? Am I just disconnected?  As I shared this with my MIL yesterday, she said something to me that finally made sense of all that.  She said it’s because YOU have PEACE!  That was it!!!  Rich and I had been praying for months starting last year about Zach’s decision and I finally told the Lord, “Lord, if this is not the path you have for our son, then please close this door before March.  But if this was a path you could see Zach going down, then I gladly lay him in your hands to protect, love, and mature.”  As the months passed it was very clear to me that God was not shutting that door of opportunity.  So on March 5th, the day he left, I felt an overwhelming peace!  Yes, I cried, said our “I love you’s” and “Good byes”, but for some reason at that moment everything seemed like it was all going according to God’s plan.

I am confident that Zach will do well and will even be more proud once he graduates.  It’s hard to wrap my head around knowing my first born is in the military, but you know, I have such a greater appreciation now for the military than I ever did.  Rich and I are concentrating on spending more time with our other two kids as it’s a realization that time doesn’t stop for anyone and those moments will go by fast.  Tell those closest to you how much you love them.  Spend quality time with them.  You can’t ever get that time back!

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  1. 1Pam

    Hi Kacy,
    Isn’t God’s peace awesome? How proud you and Rich must be of Zach! I am praying for him.

    Much love to you!


  2. 2Robin

    I was realizing that Zach isn’t that far away from us! I would love to send him some mail and such! Please send me his address! Love and miss you!


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