Wait!!  Can you heart that????  It’s peace and quiet in the Smith home!  Seems I’m alone today and couldn’t be happier!!  Rich took Olivia to Borrego Springs (2 hours away) for a soccer game and won’t be home until late.  Cameron is at work, and Zach is at friend’s houses.  So I got up early, made Rich and Olivia lunches, talked to God and went back to bed with my fur babies.  They recently got spayed so I’m keeping an eye on them.

Today I’m going to be semi-productive and by that I mean a “do what I feel like” day!  It’s colder  than normal and cloudy as we are awaiting rain tomorrow.  I might just crawl up and watch at movie today.  I can’t read because my Kindle froze up on me and won’t even charge.

This week at school was unusually busy.  I’m not complaining, it really makes my work day go by faster.  I thank the Lord every day for putting me in the position I am.  I didn’t know if I would have opportunity to minister to others like I did with the kids in the classroom, but once again, God has surprised me and I have been able to in my little office.  What a blessing!

On a lighter note, Is there anyone addicted to Pinterest as much as I am??  I am loving the great ideas and tips.  Kindof motivates me to keep organized more and find new ways to keep it that way as well.  If you aren’t a member, I can send you an invite, just let me know!

Ok….I’m going to go and enjoy my quiet for the rest of the day!

God Bless and ave a beautiful weekend!


4 Responses to “Shh….”

  1. 1Tammy

    Yay! You DID update! 🙂 April went to work two hours ago and Ben is on his way out now, so we will have a quiet evening as well. I think I will save my cleaning until tomorrow and follow suit and watch a movie this evening. I’m also planning to make black bean soup for dinner. I should find a recipe to ‘pin’ on my Pinterest board. Yes, I LOVE Pinterest. I could spend hours playing there. Enjoy your quiet day. Love ya! xo


  2. 2Sue

    Hey Kac! Your Saturday sounded wonderful!! Did you end up watching a movie? If so, what did you watch?

    That is so weird about your Kindle. Have you contacted them to see what’s up with it? Hopefully you can get that fixed!

    I’m SO glad that your new position has turned out great for you… what an answer to prayer!!

    I’m still waiting for Pinterest to let me in. I sent a request on Friday and they must take the weekend off… or they don’t want me to join – ha ha

    Love ya & have a GREAT Sonday!! xoxo


  3. 3Robin

    What is Pinterest? I hear people talking about it, but not sure what it is…


  4. 4Tania

    Missing you! Hope all is well!


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