I know, I know!

Could I have possibly gone a year without an update?  I guess I did.  Facebook came along it fit more into my schedule.  I wasn’t finding time to visit people’s blog.  But I’ve decided I’m going to start updating and visiting a few selected blogs from people I really care about and that care about me.

Today Future Quest started.  My kids have grown up going to this and I’m praying this year that Olivia is truly blessed!  It’s a youth conference that reaches thousands and thousands of Jr. High and High School kids around our county at our church.  They come to know Jesus and be filled with Him.  My oldest son is all grown up now and working and my middle son is also working through the summer so they won’t get to attend.

I finally got some peace and quiet today.  My oldest son had his 19th birthday bash at our house on Sunday, but I think we’ve had kids in our house now for about 4 days straight and it was really nice to have some quiet out by the pool and read my Kindle for once.

Update on the workouts?  Well, I finally got my rear in gear and am working out 5 times a week.  It’s been about 4-5 weeks and I’m already seeing and feeling the benefits.  I had just gotten to a place that I was sick of looking at myself.  I have been leaning on God asking for motivation and He is really giving it to me.  Thank you Jesus.  So for now, I’m off to the treadmill.  I will update later on more of what’s really been going on.

Till next time!  (And no, not a year from now)  LOL


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  1. 1Jennifer

    She’s allliiiiiivvveee 🙂

    Glad to see an update! I guess the thing I finally realized for myself is, regardless of who I got around to visit or who visited me, I was being accountable to myself and sharing what the Lord dealt with me to share. Those who were meant to read it would, and places I was meant to visit, He’d allow the time for me to make it there.

    With so much negativity on Facebook lately, I’m using my blog to create and keep a positive healthy atmosphere… although I do love using it (Facebook) to keep family and close friends up to date on happenings.

    I’ll be checking in now and then to watch for new posts. In the mean time take care!! ((Big Hugs))


    Kacy Reply:

    Yes, I have to and I think you know why! 😛


  2. 2Tania

    I just love to read your posts… no matter how far apart they are. Love you!


    Kacy Reply:

    (((Tania’))) You know, no matter how less or more we talk, you always make me feel special! I love you!


  3. 3Sue

    KACY!!!! Welcome back to blogging Sweetie! I’m glad you were able to enjoy some sunshine & reading by the pool. Whatcha reading on your Kindle?

    I hope ‘Liv enjoys her time at the youth conference!

    Love ya xo


  4. 4Jennifer

    psssst ?


    Jennifer Reply:

    FYI… I’m not sure where that question mark came from, it was supposed to be a heart!


  5. 5Pam

    Hi Kacy!! SO happy to see you blogging! I have always loved reading your blog posts. I have been trying to be better at blogging myself.
    Love you sweet friend!


  6. 6Tania

    Hey… it’s time to blog again! KNOCK KNOCK! Hello!!!

    Moved my blog… Simply God’s Girl


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