Where did June go?

I honestly KNOW where it went.  It went preparing for Graduation, Graduation party, end of school year.  I wasn’t as stressed as I thought I’d be and happened to make it without any heart mishaps.

My goal this summer is to have a stress-free summer and spend some time with the kids and do some projects that have been sorely neglected.  You know those type of projects, cleaning out closets, purging and donating.

Rich has finally gotten some over-time and we are so thankful.  There was such a dry spell there for a while, but God was faithful.

I FINALLY changed my graphics here.  It was a long time coming.  I am so rusty at doing things like this though.  Soon enough it will be time for school and I’ll be putting up fall graphics.  Wait….that is just scary to think it will be here that quick.

We have been working on our backyard and only have left the grass to put down.  Other than that, here are some pictures.

BEFORE and AFTER (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Hope you all have a great week!  😀


9 Responses to “Where did June go?”

  1. 1Cindy

    Girlie, you are wondering where June went and I am wondering where July has gone. This year is zooming by.

    So glad all went well with your son’s graduation and his party. Now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer off.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.


  2. 2Judy

    Hi Kacy! So happy to see a post here. I’m with you…where did June go???? And now I’m wondering where in this world is July going??? Not to mention, the ‘year’! Time flies.

    I love your yard. What a great job! Wanna come do our backyard??? 🙂

    Hope your remaining summer time is spent having fun & finding lots of ‘me’ time. Sending you big hugs Kacy!!


  3. 3Jennifer

    I giggled when I first read the title of your post… I thought, silly girl, doesn’t she know June isn’t here yet, it’s still a couple days away (thinking it was just a typo on the current month).

    Thought I’d check in here to see what you’ve been up to recently… only I’ll have to wait until you catch up to where we are in 2011 😉

    Praying you are well!


  4. 4Jana

    Trying to get back into the blogging world…seeing who’s still out there. Are you? LOL

    Lotsa hugs!


    Kacy Reply:

    Hi Jana!

    I’m back to blogging too! I will be stopping by for a visit tonight.



  5. 5Tania

    Hi Sweetie! Looks great in here! Big hugs!!


  6. 6Jennifer

    Knock knock…. 🙂


    Kacy Reply:

    Hey you! I finally wrote an entry today! I am going to start reading just a few good friend’s blogs so I don’t get overwhelmed. Thanks for thinking of me and stopping by! Miss you!



    Jennifer Reply:

    Grrr, are you moderating your comments? I just left a LONG one on your new post and it’s not showing… also tried to tell you that on your tag board and it’s giving me an error there as well 🙁


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