OUCH! My poor garden!

Well, I was thinking about my blog this morning and the name I chose for it.  Humm….watered gardens!  Well, it occurred to me that I haven’t really watered this garden very much with posts and the whole reason I set up this blog was so that I can reflect back on what God has done in my life.  Sometimes I wished that I was faithful enough to physically write it all down in a REAL journal, but the fact of the matter is, my thoughts go way faster than I can write, so I choose to type it all out.

This week (as usual for this time of year) was extra busy.  I have one more full week of school, then the next week I’m taking my class to Knottsberry Farm for a year-end field trip.  I was very hesitant at first thinking I wouldn’t have enough drivers and now I have more than enough.  I do not like traveling that far for a year end party, but they did NOT want to go to Knots Soak City.

The following week I will have off to get my back yard in order so that we can have Zach’s Grad party the week after.  We really need to get our pool re-plastered, but I’m afraid it’s going to cost in the THOUSANDS and Rich doesn’t want to take a loan out.  So, it looks like we’ll have to save for it.  We don’t want to take all of our savings out either.  It’s so hard to save for big purchases!  UGH!  Just the thought!  But it needs to be done that’s for sure.

Rich is working today.  Nothing new really except for the fact it’s overtime and that eases the pain a little.  HA HA!  The boys are going to the Devil’s punchbowl to swim.  I don’t know why it’s called that.  That leaves Olivia and I and we’re thinking of going shopping.  Yes, shopping, that makes everything better!  *grin*  I do however really want to thank our service men and women today that have served our country that fought for the freedom our country has today!  WAY TO GO MILITARY!  YOU ROCK!

I hope everyone has a really awesome day!  It’s beautiful here in Southern Cali!



3 Responses to “OUCH! My poor garden!”

  1. 1Judy

    Hi Kacy – yes, water this garden more! 🙂 I love it when you post. I too would love to keep a ‘real’ journal (I used to), but my thought go fast than I can write too, & then I end up not being able to read my ‘chicken scratches’. 🙂

    What a nice looking young man Zach is! Ye- – when they graduate, reality hits – the years are flying by.

    Hope you have a blessed day Kacy. Sending you big hugs!


  2. 2Pam

    Hi Kacy! So good to see your update and watered garden. 🙂
    Hope it won’t take too long to get your pool fixed.

    Take care hun! love you


  3. 3Cindy

    Hey girlie, just popping in to say hi. See what is up with you. I can’t wait until you are out of school and then maybe you will have more opportunities to water this garden. 🙂 Like Judy, I like to see you post. Also looking forward to your organization help. 🙂

    Hope your having a blessed week.


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