Monday, Monday…

Well, it’s overcasted this morning hence the reason I slept until 11:30 this morning.  I had been up all night with an awful cough.  Poor Rich, who is sick as well, got up and made me some Emergen-C with honey last night and a few zinc pills.  I just couldn’t stop coughing.  Ended up sleeping with my head propped up.  Not easy!  He actually went to work and I was surprised.  I think he slept all day yesterday.  I just have to say, I haven’t been sick like this in YEARS!!!!  And with the coupled fact that I am around kids at school day in and day out.  I guess my imune system just collapsed.

Today, like every other Monday, I will be taking Olivia to her Skating lessons.  She’s getting ready for her competition on the 29th and I can’t wait.  I know she will do really well.  This mama is looking for an HD recorder so I can store those memories.  I can’t decide how much to spend, but I found the Panasonic Lumix, I think it is.  It’s very affordable and takes still pictures as well.

Not much else to speak of today.  I slept most of the weekend away.  The good thing is, there is only 3 weeks left of school.  I can’t believe how quickly it just evaporates.  So much to do and remember during this time.  After 7 years of teaching, you’d think I’d be able to do it with my hands tied behind my back, but it is really all about remembering what to do and when.  Deadlines, Deadlines!

Hope you all have a great Monday!



3 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. 1Susan

    Hi Kacy, sorry you are feely so sickly. Thank goodness school is almost out. My son and daughter in law got that Panasonic camera. She works for Panasonice too. Get well soon. Hugs


  2. 2Judy

    Hi Kacy! Hope you are all better now. Being sick is definitely no fun.

    Hope Olivia does great at her competition. Yes, please get a recorder so that you can share her events with us!

    Have a blessed weekend. Sending you big hugs!


  3. 3Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! Thanks for dropping by! Did you have a nice birthday? Hope your cold is better by now. Sounds like Rich was giving you a lot of TLC. My doctor used to tell me I worked in a cesspool. Pretty true especailly if you have 1st or 2nd graders with their runny noses. What kind of skating does Olivia do? Ice, I’m guessing? My son plays Roller Hockey in a league. Enjoy the week ahead! (((Hugz)))


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