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HA HA, I never know what to put as the subject line.  I talk about array of things usually and not one particular subject.

This weekend was a very trying weekend as a teacher.  As a teacher, your goal is instruct and prepare the students for the next grade. I believe I do a good job at this, but there will be glitches in the road and because not every student learns at the same level or for whatever reason get behind, it makes it hard.

My point is, when you are dealing with many parents of 24 students, it can get very difficult to have a co-teaching relationship with them since we are a homeschool type school.  The parents have a big part in their child’s education.  The Lord has been really showing me that grace can be abundant when I lean on Him.  And when I serve the parent and student, I’m ultimately serving the Lord.  Sometimes we have to serve “UNTO THE LORD” in this way.  Even in the last six weeks of school, I am so blessed and amazed at the things God teaches me through my servanthood.

On another note, Olivia is home with a slight fever.  Probably Disneyitus!  HA HA  She went to Disneyland this weekend with friends and burned up the night!  LOL

Hockey is in full swing with Cameron.  He is enjoying it so much and so now I’m actually making trips to the rink up to 4-5 times a week.  OH THE GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIKES!  I honestly am not sure if I’m excited he will be getting his license in May or a little scared!  LOL

Praying you all have a great week.  Pat on the back for me for updating sooner than later.  I’m getting better!  *grin*



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  1. 1Judy

    Hi Kacy! You sound like a wonderful teacher – we need more like you. Once the really sees the importance of working not only with the student, but with the parents too.

    Yeah – that licence is a mixed blessing! I stood at the window more times than I care to remember – just waiting for one of my boys to pull in! Not fun stuff!

    Hope Olivia gets better soon. I will have that same ‘ailment’ in a few weeks. 🙂 Sending big hugs Kacy!!


  2. 2Susan

    Hi Kacy, I always think teachers have so much responsibility. I really thank hard working teachers such as your self that really care. I hope Olivia feels better soon. Getting that license is a mixed blessing for parents. Lot more pray time for sure! Love you!


  3. 3Robin

    You a good teacher – one who truly cares and you’re an awesome Mom! So keep on keeping on as God is behind you!!! Love you so much!!


  4. 4Judy

    Hi Kacy! Just wanted to stop in & wish you a wonderful weekend. Hope everything is perfect! Hugs!


  5. 5Alice

    Hi Kacy..hope I am posting this in the right place..just checking up on you and want to invite you back to my blog..I am doing much better posting now!! Blessings!


  6. 6Judy

    Hi Kacy! Wanted to stop by & wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day, & to say good bye before we leave in the morning. Hope your day is filled to the brim with blessings for a Mother’s heart. Hugs, & see you when I get back.


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