Counting the dayz!

I can’t believe school is almost out.  My daughter was counting the days and it appears we have 20 actual school days left and 14 home days.  Seeing it that way just makes me more ready for summer.

Last week I was suppose to teach for women’s group, but they postponed it until tonight.  So I will be teaching on “Praying for you Family.”  How typical is it of God to lay a teaching on my lap since I have been getting the most practice in this area.  *sticking out tongue* 😛  I truly believe I will have lots of experience to share tonight and the importance of the covering of a family through prayer.

Yesterday I took my class bowling for a field trip.  We had such a good time and it was really neat to just be on their level and laugh and play.  During those times, they get to see a different side of me and I think that keeps great balance in my relationships with them.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with a neighbor that I’ve been estranged from for a while.  I am not really sure what happened between our friendship, but I had wanted to go over to her house many times and ask.  I shared this with her and well, she went immediately home and called me and asked me over for lunch tomorrow.  I really hope there will be some resolution and reconciliation.  I know she doesn’t always agree with how we do things at our house, but everyone hasn’t been in everyone’s shoes either.  We have to be reminded of that when our judgmental spirit rises it’s ugly head!  I certainly battle with that many times, but God’s sufficient grace tells me that I am still a work in progress.

I want to keep this short so I can blog again tomorrow.  Judy has really gotten me to think about the legacy I am leaving as I write my thoughts and life here.  Praise God I can look back and see how far I’ve come.



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  1. 1Judy

    Kacy…..THRILLED to see a new post today!! This post was such a blessing, & I look forward to seeing how you touch lives through this blog (& you wil).

    Sounds like you had a lovely time out with your class. I’m glad you are almost out for summer – so I can imagine how excited you are!

    Praise God that He is opening doors to mend that relationship with your neighbor. I pray that you can sit down with her & talk about things. Sending you big hugs Kacy! So thankful for you in my life!


  2. 2Judy

    Kacy – okay, trying this again since my last comment went POOF! I am THRILLED to see a post from you, & hope to see many, many more! You have so much to share with readers. You are a big blessing in my life, so I want to shsre that with others too.

    Sounds like you had a good time with your class. I think it’s good for them to see you out of the classroom – to see that you are ‘normal’. 🙂 I used to think my teachers didn’t have a life outside of school. 🙂 Did you ever see the Leave it to Beaver, when he was shocked that his teacher had toes? 🙂

    I’m glad that the Lord is opening doors for you to be able to talk to your neighbor. Praying you have a lovely visit & that you can talk heart to heart. Love you Kacy! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!


  3. 3Susan

    Hi Kacy, glad to see you post. I look forward to hear how it goes with your neighbor. I will be praying for you as you speal to your women. I know that many times a message I had for women was first for me. Have a great week. Hugs


  4. 4Denise

    Hi Kacy, it’s good to see a post from you, Judy really does have us all ‘fired up’ in blogland 😉 You really only have 20 days left of school? I think we have 7 weeks left, I guess that’s about 35 days for us and I can’t wait either. I am so looking forward to lazy mornings having coffee and wandering around our veggie garden each day to see what’s growing like we did last year. I hope things go well with your neighbor friend. Have a wonderful weekend. Oh, and I never got to say thanks for the Easter card, but I did get it and really appreciated it, I just kept forgetting to send a thank you through the group.


  5. 5Pam

    Hi Kacy!
    I am SO happy to see you blogging again! YAY! Judy has encouraged me to blog again as well. 🙂

    Glad you had a good time bowling with your students, that does sound like fun!

    Looking forward to see how it goes with your neighbor.
    Love you hun!


  6. 6Sue

    Hey Kacy! Good to see you blogging again 😀

    I’m sure you will be a great blessing to the ladies in your group tonight as God has been teaching you how to pray fervently for your family. Nothing we go through is ever wasted huh? lol

    Have a wonderful weekend! Love ya xo


  7. 7Cindy

    Hi Kacy, just popping in to wish you a great weekend. Glad to see you finally posted a update. It’s hard to believe school will be out before you know it.
    Good luck with your lunch with your neighbor today. Praying that it will be a blessing.

    Hugs sweetie,


  8. 8Judy

    Hi Kacy! Just checking in on you. Hope your meeting wih neightbor went well. Been thinking about you & keeping you in prayer. Hugs!


  9. 9Alice

    Was so glad to see your post on my blog today..and thought I’d stop in here to see if you had a new post..I don’t see a new one but I know how time flies and I completely understand.. Thanks for stopping in and hope to hear from you again real soon!!:)


  10. 10Lynn

    Hey Kacy girl! Just had you on my mind today so wanted to come by for a visit. I hope you have a productive talk with your neighbor friend and can restore your relationship. Neighbors are a good thing! Have a good day!


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