OH MY!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe when I looked and it said my last post was the end of September.  Where does the time go?

I had some news regarding my pending heart surgery and realized that there are family members that check my blog and aren’t on facebook.  The nurse called today and said they could finally schedule surgery.  They are going to check with the doctor’s schedule and see what day is the best.  I told her I pray it’s VERY soon as I haven’t been doing that great.  That’s partly due to a new medicine he was having me try as a last ditch effort to see if it would work.  Well, it hasn’t. I actually was going down hill.  I returned to my old regimine of meds and they are working much better.

I also think I was so uptight about them cancelling my surgery and the pressure of having to have good coumadin level readings, that I triggered some irregular heart beats.  I finally just cried out to God and said, “you’re in control, NOT ME!”  I was worrying myself sick trying to make sure I took my blood thinner every night so that when Monday’s reading came around, I was ok.  It has all been so stressful.  But now I’m at peace.  I can totally feel the difference and haven’t had any heart issues for two days.

Olivia is doing awesome in her Ice Skating lessons.  I never dreampt she would pick it up so quickly and she is so excited on the days she knows we are going.  I am tickled as we have tried to get her involved in many things but without success.   She is also going to be in the Christmas program.  We’re very excited about that.  I will post some pictures really soon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I am super excited there is no homeschool on Monday!

Love you all!


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  1. 1Susans

    Hi Kay, I sure hope you find out soon. It has been a long road for you. Time does go too quickly and there is never enough time. So do you live in So San Diego or No County?
    We really do need to meet and lets plan for 2010 after you are healed from your surgery. Ok. xoxo


  2. 2Cindy

    Hi Kacy, I hope they set your surgery soon too, I know this has been hard for you. Please keep us updated. Your always in my prayers.
    Glad to hear that Olivia is enjoying her ice skating, my daughter has been ice skating for about 5 years now, and she loves it.
    Hope you have a blessed week sweetie.
    Love and hugs,


    Kacy Reply:

    Hi Cindy!!

    Hey, how old is your daughter? Can you give me more ideas on where to get inexpensive skating attire. She has a couple of skirts and 2 dresses, but I got them off of a girl at the rink for cheap. I’m so new at this, so any advice would be great! 😀 Thanks so much for the prayers. I will keep everyone updated!


  3. 3Elizabeth

    Hello Kacy, I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers for your coming surgery. I hope it will be very soon & that you feel better fast. Hugs


  4. 4Tammy

    Hi Kacy! I’m so glad that your surgery is a go. I know it’s not ideal timing, but I’m sure you’d endure a Christmas surgery if it meant having this behind you. I’m glad Olivia is still enjoying ice skating. I have never been on ice skates in my life and I probably never will be. Have a blessed Sunday my friend. Love ya! xo


  5. 5Lori

    Hi Kacy!! Just dropping by to wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas!! ((BIG HUGS))!!


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