Lazy dayz of summer…

Gawshhhh!  All I have wanted to do lately is be lazy.  I think entertaining my mom wiped me out.  I also notice if I try to do too much that my ankle starts to throb.  I am walking pretty good these days as people don’t even notice that I broke my ankle!

But…there is a TO DO LIST!  And it’s not your typical clean house list.  Since I love lists, I had to add this one.

*call dentist for Cameron
*set up appointment for my mammogram (yes, it’s past time!)
*set up appointment for my heart doctor (2 pills a day is not cutting it sometimes, sigh!)
*set up appointment for the dentist for ME!  YUCK!
*take Olivia school clothes shopping
*set up appointment to show my ankle doc I’m doing well, but he wants to take some screws out.  ((GRRRRR, that just sounds wrong doesn’t it?)

So far I think that’s it.  My other to do list includes visiting my friend’s blogs.  I miss everyone!  Oh by the way, I have been spending some time at school lately since I got new carpet in my classroom.  I am so close to getting everything done.  I feel so accomplished!  I have never been this ready this early.  I have a few more things to do once it gets closer to September, but I can’t tell you the weight off my shoulders knowing it’s done.  I’ll take my camera next time and show you all what it looks like!

Have a great day all~!  Rich went to Gilroy today to see how his Search Dog is doing and make sure he’s doing everything right.  It’s so hard to get use to having an animal around where all their job is to do is work.  No playing allowed. But we still love her to death!

Until later….


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  1. 1Elizabeth

    Hello Kacy, summer sure is a lazy time, it’s nice to discover your blog, I hope your week is starting well. Hugs


  2. 2Denise

    Hi Kacy, well at least a lot on your ‘to do’ list can be done with your feet up 😉 Take it easy if your ankle hurts, other things will wait.
    Sending hugs


  3. 3Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! Well, you’re doing well on your to do list re visiting blogs since I’ve seen your comments around. 🙂 So, you have your Search Dog at home now? That’s interesting about not being allowed to play. Can you giver her jobs around the house? Kanan gets our newspaper every morning and he’s proud to do that. Getting Yosemite reservations (for camping) is very hard so makde sure you start trying as early as they let you- 5 months ahead I think it is. Still trying to get things cleaned up and put away! (((Hugz)))


    Kacy Reply:

    Yes, Bella is home with us, but no, you can’t give her jobs, she’s officially part of the Search & Rescue National Foundation since they are the ones that spent 1,000’s and 1,000’s of dollars to train her. She is crate trained and stays in a kennel most of the day. They don’t poop in their kennel, but are exercised. There’s a very real reason for this. They have to understand that any part of “FUN” as most dogs know it, will only be when he’s out on a search and gets his toy if he finds a live person in ruble, etc. So Rich has mandatory training with the dog(s) (San Diego County has 4 new dogs including Bella). They train about twice a week at various ruble piles. They were recently featured on the news, I’ll see if I can find that link and send you. Glad you had a great time and thanks for the heads up on the reservations. Did you guys take a trailer?

    Big hugs my friend!


  4. 4Kat

    HI Kacy, that’s quite a list you got there. But it looks like important stuff that needs to get done and taking care of yourself is very important. I never knew what was wrong with your heart. Oh that’s so neat Morgan is the same age as your daughter. I remember that from when I was doing graphics and they were babies. Yes, really Morgan did not like the ice cream at Cold Stone. I think it’s to creamy for her plus she put Reeses Peanut butter cups in it. It didn’t taste good to me either. I just had plain chocolate. I don’t like all that stuff in my ice cream. Have a great day and it was so wonderful to see you come by. Glad you’re all ready for your glass. Hugs


  5. 5Tracey

    Hi Kacy! I have been a little on the lazy side this summer too! That is great you already have your classroom ready! I also hate going to the dentist. Hope everything turns out ok with your other appointments. Have a great day! ((BIG HUGS))


  6. 6Elizabeth

    Hi Kacy, Bella sounds like a great dog, I hope your to do list is almost done & that you can relax a bit more & take it easy. I have to post a photo of Buddy on my blog again, he’s pretty different from Bella. Have a great week, hugs


  7. 7Susans

    Hi Kacy, I use to do the list thing but then I lose the list! I would like to see pics of your classroom. When does school start for you? We sure have had crazy weather and this humidity is weird too. Well I need to get use to it because it will be humid in Hawaii too. We leave in the morning. Hugs


  8. 8kate

    You take good care of that owie! Stay in your chair for your “to-do” list. Love the look of your blog now…I haven’t been by in a while. 🙂


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