I am almost there!  Only 3 days left of school and then I’ll take my class to Knotts Soak City for their end of the year party and field trip.  FUN FUN FUN!  Although, with my ankle, I’ll just be sitting around with other moms and playing scrabble!  Yes Scrabble!  It’s our THANG!  LOL

((BELLA IS HOME!!))  Rich brought Bella, his Search & Rescue Dog” home on Friday night from Gilroy (northern California).  *shew*  It’s been a long road and I am so proud of Rich and all the dedication he’s put into this program.  Bella is a full labrador, and is beautiful.  Mild mannered with still some puppy instincts, but overall very obedient.  A HUGE applause to the people that train these animals.  It’s almost a thankless job, but they are awesome!  Welcome Bella to our family!

Today marks the 10th week since I broke my ankle.  I have a doctor’s appt. to check and see how everything is healing.  Eventually, they want to take out a screw that extends from one side of the ankle to the other.  Now mind you, they want to do this in the office!  *FAINT!*  LOL  They will do that sometime in the next month I assume.

I am loving walking again.  Actually maybe a little too much.  I always seem to find something to do which takes me away from blogging, computer stuff, mail, crafting, etc.  That’s ok, I have a lot of catching up to do and it feels awesome.  So don’t think I’m ignoring some of you, I just feel like a new person again!  I can finally do ordinary Mom things again.  Like bake cookies! 😀

Yesterday after church, Rich and I stopped by a few places and finally found some outdoor furniture to go with my chiminea (SP?)  We also found a gazebo and put everything together yesterday and it looks amazing!  We are redoing out backyard and this time it has to be drought tolerant.  NEW watering guidelines took effect today!  🙁  You can only water 3 times a week for 10 min.  That’s it.  They were saying on the news that a lot of people are going to be losing their landscaping.  So we opted to buy succulents, add rock, and palms in order to at least landscape our huge backyard.  We are also having a concrete walkway poured from the back patio to the pool.  Why the people that lived here never did that I have no clue.  But it makes for muddy feet when coming back up from the pool area.  BLECK!

I’ll take pictures to show everyone.   I love gardening!!!  I’m having fun!

I’ll also be by to visit some of you today!  So have a great week!



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  1. 1Denise

    Hi Kacy, I’m trying to start visiting my blog reads again, you are one of the few that still has the same link, so I shall make a concerted effort to drop by more often now 😉

    I know you’ve mentioned Bella a few times before but I’m not quite sure what the story is. Will she be used for ‘search and rescue’ as part of your hubby’s job? I’m just guessing that he’s in that line of work and he’s been on an intense training course with her? Or I could be totally wrong, I’ll let you enlighten me 😉

    So glad you are getting around much better now, and I don’t blame you one bit for not being on the computer much now. I’m finding it hard to be too now that we have our garden growing so well outside.
    Have a lovely evening.


  2. 2Susan

    Hi Kacy, It was good catching up with your post. Does the water thing apply to all of CA? I guess I better find out. I bet the water rates are going way up. I think we will be taking out some grass and putting in water wise plants too.
    I heard rain is in the way. I sure hope so. Have a great weekend. Hugs flowerrs


  3. 3Julie

    We get a lot of rain here, so we usually don’t have a problem with landscaping… Also, where we are at, we’re on well water…. so….

    I’m glad to hear that you’re getting around better! Wonderful news!


  4. 4Sue

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the backyard Kac!

    We have been to Gilroy a few times to the outlet malls when we’ve been in CA. It was cool to know where you were talking about even from this side of the continent 😀

    Be careful with your ankle how much time you spend walking around in flip flops this summer. I know that after I sprained my ankle in San Francisco a couple years ago that summer I wore flip flops almost all the time and by September I could barely walk. I don’t want you hurting your feet any more than you’ve already done 😉 (This apparently was your “mother” speaking – sorry… that need to nurture just shows up sometimes – hee hee) Love ya Kac xo


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