Happy Birthday to me!!!

I am going to make this really quick as my hubby is taking me out to dinner.  Thank you all for making me feel so loved and special.  I think having all of you as online friends has enhanced my life so much!  You are so special to me and I thank you!

I wanted to share these awesome flowers that John and Robin sent me. WOW!   I love it!  Get this, Rich and Zachary placed it in the fridge thinking we were really going to have cake!  Nope!  It’s a cake of flowers.  Love it Robin and John, thank you for making my day!!

And my dear friend Felicia!  Wow again! Thank you Felicia! She sent me a whole box of stuff for scrapbooking!  Now that’s a girl after my own taste!

I am really truly blessed!  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Gotta run, we’re out to dinner!

Big hugs,


8 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me!!!”

  1. 1Susan

    hurra Happy Birthday Kacy! Cool scrap stuff from Felicia.
    I have been busy scrapping too. Our family pics from San Diego last summer. Take care. Hugs


    Kacy Reply:

    Do you have pictures of your creations?? I have another website that I’m going to start posting all my craftiness! Have a great day! Off to school! 😀


  2. 2Kat

    Happy belated birthday Kacy hope dinner was good. The gifts are fabulous enjoy them! big hugs :wohoo:


  3. 3Felicia

    Awww you are so very welcome!!I hope you had a SUPER wonderful day!


    Kacy Reply:

    Well, I feel so lucky and blessed to have you as such a close and dear friend. They are hard to come by these days! Anywho…off to school. I finished my box! You are going to be soooooooooo surprised. I will take pics when I get home tonight, I don’t have time right now. See you at school! HUGS! And I mean BIG HUGS! *sqeeeeeze*

    Love ya!


  4. 4Julie


    Happy Bithday! That cake is so cool! I would have thought we were having cake too! *lol*


  5. 5Alicia

    woot Happy Borthday Kaci!!! hapybirthday


  6. 6Sue

    Okay… that flower cake is THE coolest thing! WOW!

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful Birthday Kacy! You deserve it Sweetie!!

    Big hugs & love xo


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