Things I’ve learned… (while having a broken ankle)

*never take for granite taking a shower or going to the bathroom by yourself! (Oh Lordy, no time for modesty here!)

*walking is overated (NOT!!!!!)

*to lean/depend on others when you need before you are forced to.

*take time to smell the roses (literally)  Read your bible more and pray more!  Amazing things can happen! Ask me!

*don’t wait to tell friends just how much they mean to you.  (I’ve happened to learn just truly ARE my friends now and who I thought were!) *sigh*

*people are TOO busy!  PERIOD!  I know I was!  I won’t fall into that trap again!

*pick your battles!  When you have teenagers that are being brats, and you can’t get up to discipline, learn to pick your battles.  For the most part, we all really have good kids!  Give them more credit!

*it is VERY hard to pump gas with crutches!  LOL

*you can actually LOSE weight when you can’t get to the kitchen! HA HA HA!

*there is no easy way to get up stairs when you break an ankle!

*that if you don’t remind the family to water your plants, they die!  Geeze!!!!!  Do I have to remember everything?

*that you can’t get into the driver side of the car when you break your RIGHT ankle!  I had to use the passenger side and slide over!  What a sight!  LOL

*while I was layed up, the last thing I wanted to do was read a book  (go figure!)  LOL

*eating in bed gets boring!  TRUST ME!  I missed eating with my family downstairs!

*it’s easy to get depressed laying in bed 24/7.

* that I could really be a Reality Show Junkie without even trying!

*that if you don’t use it, you lose it!  I swear I think all my creativity went OUT the window! Oh and this doesn’t just mean muscle which I did lose too!  LOL

*that when you think your kids are selfish, they really aren’t when a family member is in desperate need.  My kids have had such a serving heart through this entire ordeal.  I am so blessed.

*that you can’t control what others do and how they act.  Only YOU can measure success by the way you react!

*that I am so impatient!!!!!!!!!  golly!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s pathetic!

*that caller ID is an essential part of my recovery!  HA HA HA!

*that I miss shopping!  What a good way to put yourself on a budget!  LOL

*my marriage is way stronger than I give it credit for!  :0)

*I missed doing things with my kids!  You learn to improvise and play cards in bed with the family!

*wouldn’t have known what to do without my laptop!  Sure helped me stay connected to some great friends and re-connect with others!  PTL!

There are many more things I’ve learned throught this entire ordeal, but I just wanted to jot down what essentially came to mind.  Yes, I found humor in it all.  At the time, I didn’t realize how crippled not only I was, but that my life was as well.  Two months ago I wouldn’t have said I am glad this happened, but I am a believer that all happens for a reason and if there’s even ONE good thing I’ve learned out of this tragedy then that’s enough and God had a reason.

I am approaching my second week of walking (very, very slow) and LOVING IT!  The freedom it carrys is definitely something I think we all take for granite!   Even by walking slow, I am learning to slow down in the game of life.  It’s refreshing, it’s a sensible approach.  I think and have learned in general that people are too busy and my tolerance for people that act too busy is very low!  We need to realize what’s truly important in our lives and focus on that.  For me, I got a rude awakening!   Thankfully I am a work in progress and God isn’t done with me yet!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful Mother’s day!  I am NOT going to REST tomorrow!  I’m going to DO SOMETHING!  WOO HOO!

Love you all!


10 Responses to “Things I’ve learned… (while having a broken ankle)”

  1. 1Denise

    Glad to hear you’re getting up and about again, wish I could say the same for me! and it’s only been 3 days!!! If my bum didn’t ache so much I wouldn’t mind resting.
    Have a lovely weekend sweetie, and Happy Mothers Day.


  2. 2Julie

    I think the first week of being stuck in bed would be rather nice… But then I would get bored out of my mind. *lol* … Bet I would get a TON of scrapping done on the laptop! 😉

    Glad you are up and around!


  3. 3Sue

    So glad you are up and about Gimpy! lol It sure has been a long trek for you but what amazing lessons God has taught you!

    Happy Mother’s Day Kac! God bless ya Sweetie!

    Hugs xo


  4. 4Robin

    Hi Honey – I’m home!!! It’s late here – lots to talk about!! But stopped to read – great chuckles mixed in – good write!!! Hope you have a very special Mother’s Dau and I love you much! And girl… yiuppie …You go with your walkin’ self!!! clap


  5. 5Julie

    Woohooo for you….I’m sure you passed God’s test with flying colours then! I always think it’s amazing when we would never in a million years wish to go through something, but can look back and be thankful for the lessons that couldn’t be learnt in other ways.

    You’re a wonderful mommy and friend. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow! Big hugs and lots of love. xx


  6. 6Tammy

    Hey sweetie! I’ve missed you, but I’m glad you are getting around now! You will never take your mobility for granted again I’m sure 😉 Hope to catch up with you sometime this week. Have a blessed evening sweetie!! xo


  7. 7Darylynn

    Very funny, Kacy but also very insightful. You gave me a lot to think about! I’m happy you are back up and about but don’t overdo it in your enthusiasm! 😉 Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I just love your Olivia! She’s so sweet and adorable and I love her Bucket Head’s Restaurant complete with bucket wearing staff! friendhug


  8. 8Tera

    Hee hee…that’s A LOT of lessons!! clap3 SO happy for you that you are able to cruise around a wee bit!! God bless.


  9. 9Barbara

    Hi Kacy, just wanted to say hapybirthday


  10. 10Darylynn

    hurra HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kacy!!! thewave hapybirthday :bestwishes: :cheery: partydude :wohoo: :heart


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