Well, day 1 back to school today and it wasn’t too bad.  We are giving SAT testing this week, so my teaching load is a lot smaller.  My ankle did swell something awful, but nothing a little elevation couldn’t take care of.

The heat was still in the high 90’s today.  Yesterday we reached a 101 record for our city in 100 years!  Can you believe?  This is April PEOPLE!  But we are expecting a cool down for the rest of the week.  I know Susan and Darylynn can sympathize with me.  The entire coast was hit with this heat.

Not much planned this week or this weekend for that matter.  I feel like my life has become a stand-still ever since I broke my ankle.  I keep joking with some friends of mine that I’m going to get a life once I can walk.   But it really isn’t a joke for those people that can’t walk at all.  I even have a friend that is on crutches the rest of her life due to a car accident.  It definitely has given me much more perspective for people with disabilities.  While mine is temporary, theirs is not~ 🙁

Have a great week everyone!


4 Responses to “Tuesday…”

  1. 1Julie

    It’s been warm here too (but only got to around 90 I think), but we’ve been enjoying it… We’re a summer kind of family. :party3:


  2. 2Julie

    Did my comment go through????


  3. 3Susan

    Hi Kacy, yes it was way to hot for me and then what a drop. This afternoon was fine for awhile. I sure hope we are not going to have a super hot summer. I sure hope the swelling does not get worse. Hugs


  4. 4Kat

    HI Kacy that is really true that your life will go back to normal and those with disabilities live with it everyday . Wow you sure got hot last week in Southern CA I think we got to 88 or 90. It was weird. It’s nice again for us we went down to 55 F. I think we are going to be 69 today I can live with that forever! have a great week. big hugs


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