Light at the end…

…of the tunnel!  I see it!  I really see it!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got my cast off.  I thought it had been longer since I broke my ankle, but we added it up and it has only been 5 1/2 weeks.  I guess when you are laid up, it just seems like foreverrrrrrrrr!

So here’s the deal pickle!  My orthopedic (named Dr. Hacker)  I know funny huh?, said that I should be walking WITHOUT the crutches in about 2 1/2 more weeks.  I’m super excited!  Actually just having the cast off is awesome!  My leg can breathe!  Now I’ll be starting physical therapy on Monday to get some flexibility in this leg.  Dr. Hacker said I could hang around the house without my walking boot but if  I go anywhere or run around the house, I need to have it on.  But I noticed the more I hang around with it off, the more I work the foot for some mobility.

Well, on to other things~!  School starts in 2 more days after today!  Where did my Spring Break go?  I don’t mind really, but will be so more doable when I can walk up the stairs.  Then I added up and we only have 6 more weeks of school.  The will definitely go by quickly.  I’m not sure what we have planned this summer but we’ll do something as a family and my Mom will make her yearly visit out here from Texas.  We have so much fun!  She is always helping me redecorate my house.  I hope this trip we plan to get the bathroom done and Zach’s room done.  It’s the last room where the fire came through and wasn’t able to do anything to it until our insurance company settled with us.


I found out a couple of weeks ago my SIL in law got married.  I had to find out from a third party!  ((((WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?????????))))  Supposidly it was suppose to be a Vegas wedding, which turned courthouse with nobody attending, to EVERYONE attending from both sides of the family EXCEPT RICH and I!  I guess her excuse was that Rich was out of town and I had a broken ankle.  Ok…so when did having a broken ankle keep me from going anywhere?  Has she still called me?  NO!  As a matter of fact, Rich’s sisters have not ONCE called me since I broke my ankle.  I feel sad for them. How would you feel?  They are so self absorbed that they can’t even call and ask how I am.  I’m not mad, I just think it’s selfish!  They are still young and have so much to learn anyway.  I just keep praying for them.  Rich’s family seems to be crumbling and I know the enemy is on the outside just laughing away!  It’s exactly what he wants!  I say, Pray harder!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I’m off to visit some of my buds! =0)  Before I go, how about a “HIGH FIVE” to Site of the Day!  Children Donate 2.  This is an awesome site where kids can choose certain organizations to donate too.  There’s nothing more rewarding that blessing others and even more rewarding when we can teach our kids the same! yiuppie



PS:  Week #3 starting with my new heart medicine!  So far so good!  Only 2 or so episodes. 😀

10 Responses to “Light at the end…”

  1. 1Sue

    Yay on getting the cast off. Does this mean you can actually hop in the shower now? WOOHOO!!

    That stinks about your sil’s. Very very sad. They are missing out on a wonderful relationship with you & your family. Makes me want to find them and smack some sense into them… and I don’t even know them!

    Hugs & Congrats on that little bitty bit of freedom!


  2. 2Tracey

    Hi Kacy! Yahoo to getting your cast off! Not sure I could go to a doctor named Hacker, lol! I have a Bella too, a Yorkie! Hope you are having a great weekend! ((BIG HUGS))


  3. 3Melissa

    Hey :party3: …I am so glad your healing so well. That is good news! Sorry about your sister n laws…mine act very much the same. I just don’t even bother anymore.

    Let me know if and when you are ready to do Weight Watchers..I am going to restart this week.

    Hugs, Mel


    Kacy Reply:

    Hey there! 😀 Tomorrow sounds good! I have all the stuff, the books, calculator, everything. My Mom lost quite a bit of weight doing it. Sounds so much better than what I was doing! Talk to you later!



  4. 4Kat

    HI Kacy well glad you got your cast off. I know when I broke my leg it was so very hairy after the cast came off, it was shocking. Sounds like your excited for your moms yearly visit that’s very nice. It will be good to see mom. I would miss my mom if she were not around me. Are you from Texas? have a great week sweets. big hugs


  5. 5Julie

    thumbups yayyyy….. the cast is off….awesome. You must feel like a new woman! I’m so pleased for you as I know it’s been a long 5 1/2weeks. With the physio, I’m sure you’ll be running everywhere in no time.

    Such a shame about the wedding….you’re right selfishness is unfortunately so prevalent today. We sound like old ladies shaking their walking sticks at people don’t we..ha!

    Hope your week goes really well. Luv ya xoxoxoox


  6. 6Julie

    I think I would be so hurt if I wasn’t even told about the wedding, much less not even invited. 🙁 … You’re taking it better than I would.

    Glad you got the cast off… I’ve never had to wear one before, but I’m sure it would be quite annoying to have to wear one!


  7. 7Robin

    hurra NO CAST!!!! Little scary going to a doctor called “hacker”!!! lol Love ya LOTS babe


  8. 8Susan

    Hi Kacy, that is cool about the cast coming off. My son went to school with twins with the last name of Hacker. Too bad your inlaws are not nice. Good to hear your heart medicine is working. Renee was out your way on Sat. I wrote about it on my blog. Have a nice week. Hugs


  9. 9Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! :party3: Great news about the cast and the heart medicine! I’m excited for Rich getting to go visit his dog this week! Gilroy is the garlic capital of the world. 🙂 How strange about your SIL! One of my blog friends had a grandmother die and neither she nor her mother were told until more than a year later! Enjoy the rest of the eek! I don’t know about you in SD but we did NOT get the cool down predicted today! (((Hugz)))


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