Rich has been busily working for the last two years with the National Task Force (Urban Search & Rescue Team K-9 Unit).  A couple of weeks ago they were to go and pick up the dogs that had been specifically trained for them.  When they got there, they did not know which dog they were going to match up with who.  There were 4 dogs available but only 3 were ready to go home with their respective new owners.  Well, Rich ended up getting paired with a dog named Bella.  She was the only one that had not been at the foundation long enough and needs about 6 or so weeks more training.  Rich will go back to Gilroy, CA in a couple of months to pick her up.

I know many of you have been asking about Rich and his dog. It seems like it’s been forever for him to get his dog, so I thought I’d post two pictures here of Bella to show you just how beautiful she is!  The entire family is excited and can’t wait for her arrival and to introduce her to our other two cuties, Taylor and Dio.

Thank you to those of you that have been praying for Rich.  Yes, he was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to bring his dog home, but I honestly think something good will come out of this! 😀


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  1. 1Darylynn
  2. 2Julie

    It’s such a pretty dog! So she will live with you guys?


    Kacy Reply:


    He will live with us and he’ll go to the firestation with Rich and even on the fire engine. We have two other lab/vizla mix dogs which are awesome. So, what’s another! tounge Hope your day is going well! Sure is hot here today!


  3. 3Tammy

    Hey sweetie! How are you feeling today? Just wanted to check in with ya–I’ve missed you on MSN today. Hope your kids are still spoiling ya 😉 Have a great evening honey. Big hugs! xo


  4. 4Felicia

    AWWW Love the pictures!! The dog is beautiful!! And well you already know what I think of your husbands voice *wink* seeing a photo of him just cinches it HAHAHAHA WOO WOO!!

    Hope you are well!


  5. 5Tania

    yessss It is going to work this time! I have FAITH!!! I have lost two other comments. GRRRRR!!!

    Anyways… as I was saying before… I am back to blogging and we will see how that goes! Your site looks really great! Big hugs!


  6. 6Julie

    Hey miss “hoppety”,
    Just wanted to drop by and wish you and your family a wonderfully blessed Easter. Hope they take good care of you. Love you lots xoxoxo


  7. 7Robin

    :hello: MISS YOU!!! Glad to be home – keep your Monday schedule FREE!!!! Once again – so happy to hear that he aleast got to meet his dog!!! And like I was hoping – a black lab woot


  8. 8Pam

    Hi Kacy,
    Bella is so pretty! Love the pics. thumbups
    How are you doing? Hope you are doing good today.
    Enjoy this blessed Easter weekend. Oh…and enjoy Rich’s cooking. winkie
    love ya!


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