Well, I survived!  I survived 3 days of work at the school.  I only worked 1/2 days but I still managed to put out a few fires while I was there.  It appears that some parents are having a hard time dealing with my assistant at school.  She has been with me 5 years and she is such a blessing, but to the kids, she sometimes comes off rough.  None-the-less, she did an overall fantastic job taking over the class recently.

Now, if I could just get this swelling under control.  *sigh*  It’s the pitts!  I can’t seem to go anywhere without it puffing up like a giant balloon leg!  LOL  I know time and healing will have to play an important role here.

Ok…here’s the news on the search dog.  Rich went this week up near San Fransico to be paired up with one of 4 Search & Rescue Dogs.  It ended up that one of the dogs needs about 2 more months training.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, Rich got paired up with that dog.  I could tell just how bummed he was.  🙁  He’ll have to go back up there in 2 months to pick it up.  What I was a little miffed about was the fact that I feel this week was a wasted trip for him all the while he could have been here to help me.  🙁  I had a really rough time getting to school and getting myself up the stairs to teach.  But all in all, the students pitched in and I made it.  Just wished that this Foundation would have known ahead of time that he wasn’t getting his dog.  COMMUNICATION PEOPLE!  COMMUNICATION!

Lately I have been hooking up with old friends on Facebook.  It’s been amazing to see some of my old classmates and see where they are at in their life. I’ve enjoyed it so much!

Ok, well, I need to go, I have a “date” with a friend for crafting time.  Just one of the many things that helps me pass the time of healing!  OH OH OH!  I forgot, I have a new website where I will be sharing all of my creations!  It’s called Kacy’s Kreations!  You can go here to access it.  Nothing there yet, but there will be.

Have a great weekend all!


4 Responses to “TGIF!!”

  1. 1Kat

    Hi Kacy oh I’m sorry about your foot giving you such a hard time it’s gonna be a long healing process. I broke my leg before and it was what seemed forever to heal. No one likes a cast either esp on feet and legs!
    Sorry about the wasted trip for Mich. I hope that all works out for him. I’m glad the assistant is a good one and sorry the kids don’t like her much. They normally don’t like anyone but their usual teachers anyway.
    Enjoy your crafting time. I love to craft it is a great way to relax and enjoy life. big hugs


  2. 2Sue

    That is just crazy about the rescue dog. I’m reading a Karen Kingsbury book right now about an LA police officer and his K9 dog. Got an image of what Rich & his new friend will be like 😉

    Hope that swelling in your ankle goes down soon. You poor thing. It sure has been a testing year for you so far! Let’s hope the tides have turned and it’s all Sunshine for the rest of 2009 😉

    Hugs xo


  3. 3Kate

    hug Hi Kacy!! Hope all is well soon 🙂


  4. 4Robin

    Hi sweetie – no new news here since we yak all the time EXCEPT for Kacy’s Kreations. Will pop on over!! I am sorry Rich didn’t get the dog – I was getting excited to hear from him as to what he ended up with.


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