Old Navy…

I just love this new commercial by Old Navy.  I am cracking up at the manicans! N-Joy


I’m doing well with my cast.  Tomorrow morning I have an appt. with the electro-physiologist to see if they will do surgery on my heart again.  I’m really hoping this doctor will take the agressive move and try.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rich went to get his search dog this week and the entire family is really excited.  I hope to have some pictures to share soon.  Oh wait…I forgot,  some of you asked about all of the hardware in my ankle.  Well, here’s a picture I took from my cell phone in the dr.’s office.


Yes, these are both of my left foot!  *GRIN* peacedude

Have a great MONDAY everyone!

Until later….


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  1. 1Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! I hope things go well at the doctor’s office and you get the surgery you need/want! That’s so funny- “I took this photo with my cell”… your cell does xrays! LOL! 😉 I know what you mean but it sounded funny! That is so awesome about getting a search dog! I wish Jeff would’ve done that. Heck, we should’ve trained our lab or golden since they use those dogs all the time. Keep me posted about everything! (((Hugz)))


    Kacy Reply:

    HA HA, I guess that is funny sounding! I think there are 4 labs available this time and I’m pretty sure Rich is getting a black one. Wasn’t able to go to the doctor today as I couldn’t even get in the car! I was so upset! 🙁 Have fun with your grandson today!


  2. 2Julie

    That looks so painful!!! … And you have something wrong with your heart too? … Hope you’re OK! (I don’t think I’ve been reading long enough…)


    Kacy Reply:

    Yes, I’ve had rapid heart rate problems for about 5 years now. It’s an electrical problem they say and have tried to have two surgeries to fix it, but they weren’t all too successful. I am on meds, but they have changed them so often that it’s only a matter of time that they stop working. Thanks for the thoughts! thumbups


  3. 3Tammy

    Oh my goodness, that is a lot of hardware! I hope you are feeling much, much better very soon!! I’ll talk to ya later sweetie. xo


  4. 4Susan

    Hi Kacy, cool picture of your leg! I sure hope they can take care of your heart now. Hugs flowerrs :bye:


  5. 5Lynn

    THAT was a WEIRD commercial! LOL!

    Girl.. you have a LOT on your plate right now. That’s a lot of hardware and it looks like it’s the kind that will be staying in there? My Nathan had some but it went THROUGH his hand and eventually they took it all out. This looks like it’s inside though. headhug I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all this. Take care of yourself kiddo.


  6. 6Robin

    :sleep3: WAKE UP!!! Just stopping by to say Good Morning :sun: – be careful and have a good day! :jumping: I love you LOTS babe!! :wohoo2:


  7. 7Sue

    OUCH! That ankle looks SO bad! Doug saw the pic as I was reading your post and we are both feeling so sad for what you’re going through 🙁 Big hugs Sweetie xo


  8. 8Julie

    Hey sweets,
    I hope you have some encouraging news re surgery this time. Praying you do.

    All I can say to your e-rays is a giant OUCHYYYYYY…. you’re going to be setting off metal detectors with that little fancy metal number. So do the screws and plates stay there for good now, or will they remove them at some stage? How many more weeks of clod-hopping around? I so feel for you. Getting up and down stairs with crutches is the pits, not to mention to sore bruised underarms.

    OK….it’s your turn for some wonderful news…you’re long overdue, so I’ll be back to see what blessings God has lined up for you this week! Lubs ya xoxoxo


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