This has been the most strangest week in a long time.  Most of you know that on Monday, while getting the mail and getting out of my car to get the mail I dropped, that I slipped and boy did I slip good!  I slipped on dead leaves/brush, and dirt.  Boy did I go flying.  My right foot kept sliding and well, I think my left just buckled under the pressure and I was down for the count.

It seemed to take forever for the paramedics to come. but they did.  We decided since Rich was at work that it would be better if I just was transported.  I was in major pain.  The ER was extremely busy, which isn’t unusual, but I wasn’t there more than 20 minutes and I started having heart problems.  *sigh*  At this point, they didn’t care about my ankle, they were more worried about my heart and started treating that.  It wasn’t until late, late, that night they started taking x-rays and getting my ankle in order.  I managed to break the tibia and fibia!  BOTH leg bones at the base near the ankle.

On Tuesday morning, they were able to do surgery, adding hardware, screws; you name it!  Lucky me!  Now I have hardware in BOTH ankles.

It was an extremely long and difficult week with lots of pain, new roomates in the hopital and fighting with the nurses trying to make them understand I am IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!  But I survived and am home now.

Rich has been such a great husband.  He got the house ready for me to come home, everything I need in my bedroom; new pj’s, a tray for serving me food, a new tv, flowers; you name it!  What a great husband.

I don’t always understand the trials the Lord has set before me right now, but whatever it is, I’m here to listen to His voice.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch basis with you all and let you know I’m home now and I thank you so much for the e-cards, well wishes, phone calls, and texts!  Love you guys!!

I will post of picture of the damage later in the week when I go to the orthopedic surgeon!  And please feel free to keep me company!

Love and Hugs,


8 Responses to “Unbelievable…”

  1. 1Felicia

    I am just glad your finally home!! Heal fast ok!

    Love ya!


  2. 2Julie

    My girl, when you do something you sure go all out! My theory is God is trying to get you to slow down so your heart can have a rest, and just for good measure He’s making sure you rest because with that ankle you won’t be going far at all. I know this is a real frustrating time, but all will become clear in God’s time my sweet friend. Just glad your home and in your own bed (how nice that must be) and what a guy Rich is to take sure good care of you. Enjoy all the spoiling….you deserve it. Luv ya, me xxoox


  3. 3Sue

    Hi Sweetie! Glad you are home and being taken care of so well by your hubby!! Go Richie!! 😉

    I’m so sad that you are going through this after all you’ve been through already this year, but I know God’s grace is sufficient to see you through!

    Love ya and get well soon, Kacy!! xo


  4. 4Robin

    yiuppie I so happy you are home!! I love you lots girl!! friendhug


  5. 5Julie

    Goodness, that doesn’t sound pleasant at all! Glad you’re home, and I hope you are feeling better every day!


  6. 6Jennifer

    Wow girl, you’re just trying to tear yourself apart huh!? What are we going to do with you!? Sorry I haven’t been by sooner… things have been uncomfortably crazy around here lately… but I wanted to come by and give a big ((HUG)) and let you know you ARE in my thoughts and prayers. Get better soon will ya!?!? patonhead


  7. 7Susan

    Hi Kacy, I am glad your are ok at home. How nice that Rich spoiled you with all your goodies. A new tv, cool!
    So will you be off work? Take care of yourself. OK. Hugs


  8. 8Nikki

    I got here via Julie’s (multipleblessings) site. I hope your ankle heals soon!


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