Spring Forward….Fall Back….

I really like the sound of Spring Forward. Tonight we will lose an hour, but gain an hour of sunshine. But more than that, I like thinking of moving forward in the year because this year is such an awesome year of change for our family.

Our Budget is doing exactly what I intended for it to do, and that is curb our spending. And of coarse, make us more aware of where each and every dollar goes in this house. It’s a year about saving. Not just money wise, buy saving and using whatever we already have. Here are just some ways I was thinking today of how we are trying to change.

*using coupons (I’m so not good at this!)
*no fast food (every time it comes up to do this, I write down on a spiral what I thought it would have cost us to eat out and think…”Well, we just saved money!”
*buying gas cards and food cards (Our school is selling cards for a variety of businesses and in return they get a percentage of the sale of that card. So I’ve been buying gas cards and food cards to help us stay within our allotted budget for those items for the week.
*taking shorter showers (geeze…why do kids take the longest showers? They now have a timer!)
*turning off lights (Ok, this goes along with the shorter showers! DUH!)
*getting new quotes on anything – car insurance, homeowners insurance, hosting sites, ANYTHING that we pay out. It’s my mission to FIND a better deal on those types of things!
*canceling magazine subscriptions (we just don’t need them, period!)
*planning ahead for birthdays and special occasions where I might need a gift (this helps because then I’m not scrambling to buy a gift that A. they might not even like, or B. I spend too much money on the gift because I didn’t think or plan it out and I was in a hurry!
*take less trips down the hill (we live up in the mountains and well, I am learning to combine all my errands into one day if possible. Sometimes with kids, that isn’t, but so far it’s working.
*SAVING!! (This is huge for us! We would save, but then I’d dabble in the savings and before I knew it, we were back where we were! I’ve managed to save every paycheck since the beginning of January and it feels so good!)
*have an eight month emergency fund! – DONE and boy does that feel good!
*PAY OFF THOSE CREDIT CARDS!!! – DONE and here again, FEELS GREAT!! I can’t stress the importance of this. The interest alone will EAT you alive!
*GET ORGANIZED (this is my second year being paperless in my office, this is the way to go. Besides, if you are more organized with your bills, paperwork, AND your home office, you have the freedom to WORK on a budget with little effort!!

and well….lastly,
*BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET! (That’s all I can say. If it can work for me, it can work for anyone! You just have to take the TIME to SAVE the money! Plain and Simple!)

I hope I’ve inspired SOMEONE to try and be a little more conscientious of their spending. We’re in unknown times and untraveled territory when it comes to our economy. Don’t be the one left wondering how you’re going to make it to the next month financially!


PS: Don’t forget to set those clocks ahead one hour and CHANGE those batteries in your smoke-detectors!!!!!

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  1. 1Felicia

    I so agree about Spring Forward. I am very ready. Great tips on the saving!! Love my budget to. Its my friend! HAHAHAHAH

    Hope your having a super weekend!


    Kacy Reply:

    HA HA HA, love that, YOUR friend! 😀 I am having a good weekend! How about you? I miss ya! I’m beginning to you think you don’t wuv me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Talk to you soon!



  2. 2Sue

    Ahh… the fire detector batteries! I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for the reminder 😉

    And… WOOHOO on your budget and Springing ahead into an amazing 2009! I’m so proud of you!

    Hugs xo


  3. 3Julie

    That’s one thing we need to work on… Making a budget!

    I’m glad you like my digi-scrap gallery. 🙂 … Yes, I find it easier to have it on Flickr. I was posting them to my blog, but it’s quicker to just upload it to Flickr. Plus, I have a fear of computer crashes so I upload every layout there, in full resolution. If I lose everything in a crash, I can collect them again off Flickr. *lol* (I do the same thing with all my pictures, and all my video clips are on YouTube)



  4. 4Susan

    Hi Kacy, I really enjoyed your post on saving. I am keeping your health in prayer too. Hugs :goodjob: rockhug


  5. 5Julie

    Just got Rob’s message, and want you to know that you are very much in my thoughts and prayers. My oh my….what are we going to do with you! bhearts hug


  6. 6Sue

    Okay… so your site has become Fort Knox! I tried to leave a “Tag” but that wouldn’t work & I know that you won’t get this until you do the moderation thingy but I just wanted you to know that I love ya Kac & am praying for a speedy recovery for your ankle and your heart, honey!! Love ya xoxo


  7. 7Lynn

    Hey Kacy!

    I saw on Facebook, that you have had surgery. (Robin) ((((( BLESS YOUR HEART! ))))) My son broke his hand once and had to have some metal inserted, so I have some sense of the pain you are in today. I’m SO SORRY. huggg I hope the family will pitch in and help mom during this time of recovery.

    I wanted to commend you on the steps you have successfully taken so far, in the quest to be debt-free! GREAT JOB! I am feeling more and more, this need to cut loose the unnecessary things in life. And there are a LOT of things that we really don’t have to have, that we think we really need! Who knows what lies ahead.. so it’s better to live light!

    Feel better SOON!


  8. 8Kat

    HI Kacy sounds like the Dave Ramsey plan which is what I am doing. I am working on the savings but doing more then the suggested 1 grand because of the economy being so awful and my husband works for a car dealership. Our budget is what we get for the month and we don’t know from month to month. I just add up our bills and house payment and pray to God he makes that much at least. It’s been really hard for us these past months and we save but we also live. I have to pay off two small bills, but working on my saving first. I can’t do it exactly Dave’s way I have to do it my way. I have always been a saver so now I just want to save more and pay off the bills and get the house paid off. I think that is so cool. :goodjob: on your budget and living with less. I wish I could be like that, but I have to face reality that is not me unless I have to be that way. Where do you live in the mountains in Southern CA? Hope you’re feeling better. I never did find out what was wrong with you but I did say some prayers for you. Take care sweets and don’t be a stranger! big hugs :heart


  9. 9Alicia

    Hey Kacy! Oh how your post hit home. I need to get out of debt, make a budget, and get organised! Want to come help me?! lol to bad I don’t live closer to you! Anyway did you follow a certain budget program or make your own? Every time I try to budget and make one it goes out the door a couple weeks later. Hey how exactly did you go all paperless for your office? I have a ton of bills and papers everywhere and wish I could go that route! It would be so much easier.

    Okay I am done with the questions! How are you? It has been a busy month here which is why I haven’t blogged in that long but I did post today. Hope to “chat” with you one of these days!


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