All grown up…

Ok….I’m going to *stomp* here. I do not want my daughter to grow up, I do not want my daughter to grow up! LOL Today she is off to camp. I met the students at the school at 9 this morning and organized a caravan to the campsite. I usually go every year and chaperon the girls, but this year, I’m taking a much needed week of rest for my heart. I pray that God will meet the kids there and learn much about the wonders of his creation. At least that’s the theme this week. At this age, they just soak it in.

I was sad when I left because we were having so much fun decorating their cabin in a Hawaiian theme. They had blow up flip flops all over the wall and tiki lights, it was so cute! But it occurred to me, Olivia is almost 12 and before I know it, she’ll be a teenager. The time goes much more quickly than I’m really prepared for.

This week, I PLAN, notice I said, PLAN, to get a few projects done while I have the peace and quiet in the house. The boys will be going to school tomorrow so it will just be Rich and I. Ok, that is just weird. I never home on a school day when he is. I hope he stays busy so I can stay busy. He motivates me like that.

Today, I came home and crashed! Literally took a 2 hour nap after my so-called Dr. appt. Supposedly the authorization to see my cardiologist hadn’t gone through. UGH! PAPERWORKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! RED TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaarrrggghhh So I left! They will call me this week.

I was feeding the dogs tonight, or should I say cone heads! LOL They just got fixed and are wearing those cones. Well, as they were coming out of the kennel something sliced my right leg open! OUCH!!!!! Nice little gash there, but I survived! LOL

Welp…the grand finale of The Bachelor comes on in a bit, I’m anxious to see how it all ends. What I don’t want is to be severely disappointed to the point where I won’t watch it anymore.


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  1. 1Susan

    Hi Kacy, kids grow so quickly. My little girl grew up way to fast and now she has a 15mo old that is my heart.
    I was so disappointed with the Bachelor. Jason needs a shrink. Relax and scrap. Hugs


    Kacy Reply:

    I am so glad I wasn’t the only one disappointed. I thought for sure he had his head on straight. But I guess when emotions are running that high, anything can get blurry! That poor Melissa didn’t even see it coming. I think that is what really upset me. He could have had the decency to at least not lead her on and give her a heads up! 🙁 I don’t know if you got this so sending again!


  2. 2Jennifer

    Haha… loved the stomping… I’ve had my own temper tantrums over that. It seems like just yesterday the kids wore diapers… and now I’m buying bras and updated computer systems so they can keep up with technology.

    It is hard to believe Olivia is almost twelve… gosh, that time flew by eh? Wasn’t she just 5 or 6 yesterday? Geesh!

    I’m glad you got some time alone this week… take advantage of it and get in some “me” time 😉



  3. 3Robin

    No idea what happened to my post the other morning and I’m bummed – I was ever so whitty!!! Oh well!!! Love ya babe!


  4. 4Sue

    I’m with Jennifer… Wasn’t Olivia just a wee little girl a minute ago? Twelve?? I feel so old!! I’ve known you girls forever now – hee hee

    I tell ya though… I get a glimpse of how my Mom must have felt as I (her baby) was growing up! We’re here for ya Kac!

    Hugs xo

    P.S. Don’t get me started on the Bachelor! 😉


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