I can’t believe….

….how fast the days evaporate. I think it gets this way the last trimester of the school year. I haven’t blogged all week and that’s unusual for me too lately.

This weekend I managed to work on my ongoing Craft/puter room project. The plan was to turn my office in a craft room as well. The problem is, it’s only about an 8×8 room. Not much room to do too much. Rich and I ended up buying a new desk at IKEA! It’s a corner desk and so big and function able. We bought a few baskets for the shelf and our next step was to buy metal shelving (restaurant style) to put all my scrapbooking supplies, etc. on. I took a couple of before/after pics. I didn’t get a pic of the shelf unit yet, but I will do that once I get it organized this weekend. The first few are the before pics and the last ones are the after.

Click on the thumbnail for a bigger pictures! 😀

Hope everyone is enjoying your week. I’ll be by to visit tonight sometime!


6 Responses to “I can’t believe….”

  1. 1Robin

    Good Morning and I love you bunches!! As I said before LOVE IT!!! Did you pick up the plastic containers yesterdy as you were hoping to?


  2. 2Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! Now I am confused… isn’t tomorrow Saturday! 😉 I like your new corner desk setup… looks like you’re in command of the Starship Enterprise! Looks great and a good way to make the most of the space. That’s a cute script or whatever in your comment thart says, “Welcome back (name)” to your visitors. Have a great Humpday! (((Hugz)))


  3. 3Jennifer

    What a transformation!! 🙂

    Looks like you were hard at work sorting and filing! It looks great! Hey, take a closeup of the pic on top of the bookshelf! Is that you and Rich?

    Now… go get the rest I’m sure you need after all that hard work! 😉


  4. 4Felicia =0)

    Ahem? So where is the photo of the new shelf ‘eh? *grin* Come on come on come on I wanna seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Looks great kiddo! Now we just gotta get March’s layout done LOL.

    Talk at you soon!


  5. 5Barbara

    Hi Kacy, Just saw your tag in Susan’s blog and had to come over, of course (didn’t know you had a blog) 🙂

    Your computer room looks so lovely now! Reminds me that we have to rearrange ours, too!



  6. 6Sue

    Hey Kacy! Love the new desk and spiffy clean office/craft room! I tried to have our extra room as a craft room but decided to make it a guest room instead! Now I want a new house with a 3rd bedroom so I can have both 😉

    Great job Girlfriend!
    Hugs xo


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