Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ok, last night I had bible study and I was to teach on “Romancing Your Husband!” It was a great study, the ladies and I laughed so hard. It’s nice to laugh about the intimate side of our relationships with out husbands. Especially when we got to the bedroom *ahem*…..lingerie? What a crack up! When we were done with the teaching I had a little surprise for the ladies. I made these cute little “Romancing your Husband Survival Kits!” I have made them each year. I didn’t get the idea from anywhere specific, I just kindof made it up! They turned out like this.
Here are the items I put in the kit!

You have:
Q-tip – to remind you to listen to your husband
Pencil Sharpener – to remind you to look “SHARP” for your husband
Hershey Kiss – to remind you to kiss your husband everyday
Lotion – for rubbing our your differences
Gold Coin – to remind you what a treasure he is to you
Cotton Ball – to be a safe place for your husband to fall
Sticky Note – to remind you to “Stick” together
Candle – to light up his life
Bible – to remind you to pray for your husband daily!

It was a huge hit!~ The ladies enjoyed it and I think walked away with some great tips for Romancing Your Husband. If you would like to find your own tips, go to CBN.com They have a great way to make Valentine’s Day on a Shoe String budget as well of Wooing your Spouse! ENJOY!

Have a great day all. My husband is having me rest all day because I’m still having problems with my medication. Thanks for all of your continued prayers!

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  1. 1Kat

    Hi Kacy, I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. I pray you continue to do so. I used to have that when I was in my 20’s but it cured itself after much prayer from my church at the time. I don’t get it much anymore. Although now I take a antidepressant which helps me from getting almost any of the what I call run away heart. Sounds like you had a bad case of it and I’m so glad to hear they got it under control thanks for the link about it. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! big hugs


  2. 2Sue

    What a neat little kit! Great idea Kacy… may have to borrow that sometime 😉

    Now what was the Olay tube for?? 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Although I enjoy the day with my sweet hubby, I always like to think on this day of God’s Valentine He gave to us in Jesus!

    Hope that medication kicks in soon for you Sweetie. Rest this weekend and have a GREAT day!

    Big hugs & love xo


    Kacy Reply:

    OOps…I forgot to add that. It’s lotion – to rub out your differences *grin* I fixed it.

    Borrow the idea anytime! 😀


  3. 3Tammy

    Hi Kacy. I love your romancing your husband survival kit. How creative and what a neat reminder of how we should be with our hubbies! I’m glad you and the girls had fun last night. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and get lots of rest. Love ya!


  4. 4Robin

    Hi sweetie and Happy Sonday!! Hope yesterday’s rest helps you to feel better today! I have your little kit and it’s too cute for words (wink)!! Love you lots sissy!


  5. 5Jennifer

    No wonder those little kits were such a hit, that’s such a cute idea… so simple yet so meaningful! Love it 🙂

    I hope you had a nice Valentine’s day with your hubby! Thanks so much for the e-card you sent! I got it on my cell phone, which is why I had to wait until now to respond 😉



  6. 6Felicia

    OH this is so cute!! You are so creative. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! They are lucky to have ya!!



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