Happy Hair Day!

Ya….today I get to finally get my hair done. It’s amazing to me just how much of little hairs of grey are protruding through my root system. *sigh* I promise, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old, I’m not getting old! LOL Actually I don’t feel old. That’s a huge plus. I think of it as aging gracefully.

Today she will probably continue with the chunks of auburn tied in with a golden blonde. I don’t think I’m going to get it cut much, maybe just a few layers. I do however need my bangs cut yesterday. They are bothering me horribly.

It has been raining all night and I have this creek-like area behind my house that fills up with water and I woke up to hearing a brook outside my window. I love it!

I have a huge RANT I’m going to post tomorrow and will password protect it, so if you want the password, email me and I’ll get that to you. I have certain people I do not want reading it. It’s personal well, I want to keep it that way.

I have women’s group again tonight. I am so enjoying this time with a bunch of girls. We have a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We really don’t have anything planned thus far. I like those kinds of weekends.

Lastly, *high five* to How Everyday Things are Made!


PS: 1 week and couting of NO EPISODES with my heart! YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 Responses to “Happy Hair Day!”

  1. 1Tammy

    Woot a new doo! Awesome…maybe some pics to follow? I hope you won’t mind me emailing you so I can continue to read your blog?!?!

    I hope you have an awesome day!



  2. 2Susan

    Hi Kacy, it is pouring know as I speak. I started coloring my hair when I was 40. Now at 53, I have to more often, especially with dark hair. I will be in Temecula this weekend visiting my parents. Have a nice weekend. Hugs


  3. 3toni

    sorry i haven’t visited in a long time. lots of excuses…been sickie, been addicted to facebook and neglected my blogs…the list goes on LOL.

    just wanted to drop by and say hello….this is an adorable layout 😉 hope that you are well!


  4. 4Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! The auburn chunks sound nice! I don’t like one-color hair. The one good thing about blonde is that it doesn’t show the gray as much! The sunset photos are spectacular. This is the best time of year for sunsets. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))


  5. 5Tracey

    Hi Kacy! We are supposed to get rain tomorrow. I plan on coloring my hair this week, just to cover the gray! Hope you are having a great weekend! ((BIG HUGS))


  6. 6Felicia

    Ya know this is just a big tease. Tell us you got a whole new doo and then no pictures. *sigh* TEASE!!



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