6 more weeks of winter?

Well, it’s official, the little guy saw his shadow today. Six more weeks of winter. I can hardly call the weather we’re having winter. Sheeze….80 degrees? I’m really not complaining, because I know so many of you are freezing your fannies off! I just hope my roses don’t think it’s spring yet.

I recently had noticed that my bandwidth was eating my site alive! I couldn’t figure it out, then Jana contacted support and found out it was Christmas pictures that I had uploaded in raw format. Duh! Why did I do that? I should be ok now and my site should stay up with no problems now.

Today consisted of homeschooling and playing. I didn’t do a darn thing today except play, craft, and help Olivia with school. I had contemplated taking the week off at school, but I’ve been really good with my heart for the last few days and I feel up to working. YIPEE! I’m so excited. You guys just don’t know how relieving it feels to not worrying lately when my next episode is. I’ve been able to just live, enjoy the day, and go on about my business without my heart racing. PRAISE GOD!! \o/ I still have an appointment in one week and hopefully have some promising news.

Rich is back to work today after being off for 6 days. He traveled to Northern California to be paired up with the Search Dogs. Then, at the end of this month, he’ll return and bring our new dog home! And dog makes THREE! LOL

Have a great week all! Nothing more to share today. I live a boring life lately.

Hugs, Kacy

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4 Responses to “6 more weeks of winter?”

  1. 1Robin

    Am really glad you’re feeling better today!! LOVE the pic of the lion – to cute!!!!! And I am getting really excited to hear from Rich about the new dog when he gets it – whoooowooo!!! Love ya sweetie


  2. 2Dru

    Hi Kacy,
    What did they find out was wrong?? My heart races a few times a week but mine is from hormones only thank goodness! I will have to check your blog to see what is going on with you! Hope you have a great evening!
    Hugs, Dru


  3. 3Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! I’m so happy to hear that your heart has been behaving lately. Glad the appt is coming up soon. I’ve got my speaker off since Ryan is still asleep but will be back to listen to your son’s song! Look forward to it! (((Hugz)))


  4. 4Pam

    Hi Kacy,
    Glad you are feeling better. The pic of the lion is too cute!
    I listened to Zachs music on utube and left a comment. He is AWESOME!!

    Lots of love


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