A Historic Day…

I think today is bittersweet! Never mind that Washington is throwing President-elect Barack Obama a $160 million dollar party today, I really do hope that things will change. Not just because there’s a new president, but that the good of the people and the administration will come together to make this country a better place to live.

I am not naive to think that things will change quickly, but over a period of time with new choices. Barack Obama has large shoes to fill. He will definitely be under the watchful eye for many months to come.

I have read where people are never going to give their support. I think this is dangerous! I think that we have no chance to restore stability in this nation unless we come together despite our beliefs and differences. Does this mean we give up our moral compasses? Absolutely not! But regardless if we’re democratic or republican, that we respect the decisions of our President. That we continue to vote when necessary. That we also keep our leaders in prayer every day for the job that they’ve been placed in.

We cannot afford to sit back and grumble if that’s what we feel. We need to be proactive and aware of everything going on around us. And if there’s one thing that’s become an epiphany for me, it’s that it starts with me!!

My husband and I have decided to make thoughtful, purposeful changes within out lives. This includes, health, budget, and overall lifestyle. You’ll be seeing some of these changes as I post them. I ‘m excited. The changes are already becoming fruitful in our life. They aren’t big changes, but small changes that will make huge results!

May you too take a hard look at the things around you and make the necessary changes that will benefit your family.

Happy New Year!

6 Responses to “A Historic Day…”

  1. 1Darylynn

    Hi Kacy! Hope your appointment goes well today! Keep me posted. Great idea to post about your lifestyle changes… it’ll make you feel more accountable for them plus it may inspire other people, too! Best of luck! (((Hugz)))


  2. 2Susan

    Hi Kacy, I do hope the appt. goes well with th cardiologist.Will you be sharing any of your changes? I agree, we need keep our president in prayer because is the leader of our nation and he has a big job ahead of him. What did you think of Rick Warren’s prayer. I thought it was good, especially the part about all having to be accounbtable. Have a nice week. Hugs


    Kacy Reply:

    Hi Susan, the cardiologist is going to send me to the electro-physiologist. This is a good thing. I thought he was going to have me hook up to a heart monitor, but I think he knew I meant business and decided to just write a referral. So I’m waiting for that. I will see the same doctor that did surgery on me last time.

    I was happy about his prayer. He made some very good points. Hope you had a nice week. Where did it go?


  3. 3Tammy

    Hi Kacy! How’d the cardio appointment go? I sure hope they can do something for you! Small changes are definitely good–and doable. I wish you and Rich the best. Have a wonderful rest of the week sweetie. Big hugs!!


  4. 4Tracey

    Hi Kacy! Even though I didn’t vote for Obama I will support him because that is what we should do! I am interested in seeing what changes you are making. Have a great day! ((BIG HUGS))


  5. 5Kat

    Hi Kacy, well so far I don’t agree with any changes Obama has made today. I will just keep praying for my country and give support on things I agree with and pray about things I don’t. I certainly am not happy about all this but it’s in the Lord’s hands. I’m sorry to hear your sick or have an appt with the doctor. I didn’t read about this so I will have to catch up on some posts. Take care sweetie. big hugs


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