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Feeling Blessed!

WOO HOO! I have a new WP dashboard and some new smilies and I’m so excited. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Felicia for sprucing up my website. I have been so busy that I haven’t properly gotten to Thank her. You know, I’m so grateful to have friends that even though they are so busy within their own lives, that they take the time to help you. Those friends are keepers. And don’t forget to tell them as well. In the busi-ness of life, it just reminds me that there’s a time for paying it forward. I hope I can do that.

On another note, we heard from our attorney. It seems that Farmers is talking about settling again. We have decided to hear what they have to say and just pray about it. We are so tired and really am not looking forward to a jury trial in March. So be in prayer for us that we make the right decision and that God would have favor upon us.

Tomorrow my class is having an awesome Thanksgiving Feast. I’m praying that I can spend my devotion time with them on really focusing on what they can be thankful for.

I’ll be by to visit everyone during my Thanksgiving break. I’ve been a bad blogger and plurker…whadda ya know~! LOL



…did the last couple of weeks go? I’m not sure where to begin, but let me share what’s been going on.

Last weekend Rich surprised me with a trip to the Fontana California Speedway to see a real Nascar Race for our 18th Anniversary. The weekend ended up turning out better than we thought. His co-worker was there and had purchased a package that allowed us to go into the infield. That was $100.00 per person~!!! Then he had tickets to the Saturday Race as well. WE absolutely had a blast. There is nothing like seeing a Nascar Race in person. Not to mention we had seats at the top of the stands. We could see the entire 2 mile track.

Because the track is so huge, there is like a mini-city inside the track with everyone’s RV. We hung out there, BBQ’d and shopped. While I thoroughly enjoyed myself, my heart ended up giving me a hard time on Sunday. The heat just really got to me. We plan on taking the kids next year so they too can experience what we did. So much different than on tv.

Then of coarse, school started on Tuesday. I was wishing the summer was longer, but it wasn’t and it was time to get back to work. And work is definitely what God has for me. I have 24 students this year and 16 of them are boys!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!! LOL! My first week went really well. They are picking up my routine rather quickly.

Zach left to try and take his driving test again, we don’t have an appt, but he’s going to see if they will fit him in. It would help so much if he could drive. Praying they will let him and he passes. I will be visiting you all this weekend. Check back because I’m going to add some pictures this morning as soon as Rich emails them to me.

OH!!!!!!!!! On a real sad note, my 17 year old niece was a horrible car accident. Apparently a 16 year old young permit driver plowed through a yield sign and pushed their car all the way into someone’s yard. They had to cut 16 inches of metal to get her out. This happened on Wednesday. It didn’t look good for her. She was riding with her boyfriend and she was on the passenger side. The boy t-boned them on her side of the car. She has a fractured pelvic and many other things broken. Most of which will just have to heal on her own. Her cat scan came back ok, but at first she was having a hard time remembering anything. She’s in a lot of pain and if you think of her, please say a prayer for her. Her name is Lauren and she’s my only sister’s only daughter. We thought we would lose her. It really DOES make you realize that our time on this earth could end in an instance.

God Bless you all!