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It’s the Weekend!

This week has been somewhat calmer than the week before when we found out that Ryan Carter’s life was taken.  A 10 year old boy stabbed him while he was trying to defend another little boy.  The scuttle ultimately ended Ryan’s life.   Yesterday was the Memorial Service  (A Celebration of Life) at our church which was beautifully orchestrated.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the sanctuary.  What really made it hit home for me is when his teacher Mrs. Atherton got up to speak.  You see, had I decided to teach 6th Grade this year, Ryan would have been in my class.  I would have been the one up there to share what I knew of Ryan.  Unfortunately I didn’t know Ryan well.  But through Mrs. Atherton’s endearing sediments of him, I did get to know him a little more.  We may never know why this happened, but one day when I meet my Lord in heaven, maybe it will all be clear.  If you’d like to read the full story you can HERE.  Three of the little boys in this video were in my Math class last year and I’m so proud of them for remembering Ryan the way they did.

*Shew*  On a lighter note, I made the best baked potato casserole last night.  I kind of just threw the ingredients together not really measuring, but I could eat the entire dish!

4-7 Potatoes, cut in small bite size pieces
In a bowl, I combined 1 cup of sour cream with 1 cup of cream cheese with the following spices:
*salt & pepper
*garlic powder
*cayenne pepper
I stirred it all well and added the potatoes and tossed
I then sprayed a 9×13 dish with Pam and layered 1/2 of the potatoes on the bottom, then covered with a mix of cheddar and Mozerella cheese, then added the remaining potatoes and again covered with cheese.  Baked at 375-400 degrees for an hour or a bit more.  They were really yummy and I even used left overs for breakfast burritos this morning.

My husband has been asking what is up with me lately because I’ve been trying all these new recipes with great success.  I just feel he’s been so busy keeping up the over grown yard, helping coach Olivia’s soccer team, that I want to have a nice hot meal for him to come in to.

This weekend is all about purging.  I’ve been so interested in organizing photos from Pinterest that it’s motivated me to just clean out! EVERYTHING!!!  Today it’s all about my office.  Paperwork makes me crazy and I need to buy a new Scan Snap quick! I have my older PC version for sale for cheap if anyone is interested and I’ll even show you how to use.  Once you go paperless, you won’t go back to anything else.  If and when the office is done, I’ll move to another zone.  Probably the armoire in the living room.  It’s stuffed full of homeschool stuff that we rarely use anymore.

Speaking of purging, I am thinking of selling all of my stamps.  Most were originally from D.O.T.S.  If you are interested, let me know.

Hope everyone has a beautiful, productive weekend.  Please remember Ryan and his family as well as the family of the little boy that did this.  For all we feel a great sadness!



Insert Subject Here~

HA HA, I never know what to put as the subject line.  I talk about array of things usually and not one particular subject.

This weekend was a very trying weekend as a teacher.  As a teacher, your goal is instruct and prepare the students for the next grade. I believe I do a good job at this, but there will be glitches in the road and because not every student learns at the same level or for whatever reason get behind, it makes it hard.

My point is, when you are dealing with many parents of 24 students, it can get very difficult to have a co-teaching relationship with them since we are a homeschool type school.  The parents have a big part in their child’s education.  The Lord has been really showing me that grace can be abundant when I lean on Him.  And when I serve the parent and student, I’m ultimately serving the Lord.  Sometimes we have to serve “UNTO THE LORD” in this way.  Even in the last six weeks of school, I am so blessed and amazed at the things God teaches me through my servanthood.

On another note, Olivia is home with a slight fever.  Probably Disneyitus!  HA HA  She went to Disneyland this weekend with friends and burned up the night!  LOL

Hockey is in full swing with Cameron.  He is enjoying it so much and so now I’m actually making trips to the rink up to 4-5 times a week.  OH THE GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!  YIKES!  I honestly am not sure if I’m excited he will be getting his license in May or a little scared!  LOL

Praying you all have a great week.  Pat on the back for me for updating sooner than later.  I’m getting better!  *grin*




You know, just when things are going good, the enemy really throws one at you.  I am so sad today.  I can’t remember the last time I was this sad.  I’m thinking probably the day that our step-son moved away probably 10 years ago or so.  I can seriously remember just crying and crying and crying.  I wondered how I could cry anymore tears.  Well, the last couple of days has brought those same feelings out.  It’s been no fun revisiting those feeling just so you know.

I can’t go into details, but it’s been the worst few days of my life.  My tears fall reminding me I have a deep, deep love for my children.  I know we get upset with them, we tire of correcting them, and most of all, we just want them to grow up.  I was driving my daughter to church last night, remembering all of the times over the many years I have driven my kids to Wednesday Kids Club and Friday night group.  I looked at some of these small kids running around and at that point, wishing, just wishingggggggggg my kids were that young again.  How respectful and full of unconditional love they carried.  As they grow up, stretch within the boundaries set and try to find their place,  they sometimes do not understand why they do the things they do, or even say the things they say.  It saddens me that they have to learn life just as we did.  I look back and wonder if I put my own mother through such heartache.  I love my kids and I feel I have been the best Mom that God has called me to be.  Am I perfect, no, but I could die tomorrow knowing I did my best and God was pleased.

I do want to thank my sister for being there for me, praying with me, and just comforting me even when she said that “It’s time to put my Big Girl Panties On!!!”  I laughed so hard!  ((((Thanks Robin))))) for always knowing just what to say.  Then there’s my friend Robin.  She’s a ” been there, done that ”  kindof gal and really understands what I”m going through and helps me see that there is hope and someday my kids will look back and say “Thanks Mom!”  even though it seems so bleak right now.

I am praying that God will bring victory and glory out of something the enemy meant for harm.  I mean honestly, isn’t that the way the Lord works?  I am so encouraged!

With this said, Good Night all!~  Tomorrow will bring me another day closer to healing! 🙁


PS:  It’s ironic thtat instead of a physical heart problem, it’s more emotional right now.   Very different feeling indeed!