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It’s Fridayyyy!

Ok…not really, but since I do not work on Friday, it is my friday! ;D

Yesterday I took my class to my husband’s firestation for a field trip. They went with their little kindergarten buddies. They held their hands and led them around. It was so cute. I swear the little kids act like my older kids are like movie stars.
Here’s a few pictures I took yesterday. The first picture is with a little kindergartner and my husband getting ready to spray water. The second row of pictures is my husband getting ready to enter a house like he would if he was looking for kids or adults during a real fire. He wanted them to hear what it sounds like when a fireman enters a house, so that a child is not scared and ends up hiding from the firefighter. To a little kid at age 5, it can be frightening. On the third row, that is Olivia with her dad spraying the house. You can see what that little house next to it looks like. It has smoke coming out of it and everything. Very cute!!


Click on the picture for a bigger view!

All in all, it was a lot of fun.

Have a great Friday everyone!



Well, Zach didn’t pass. The lady told him to drive out of the DMV drive way and there’s this sharp turn and a car came blazing around and about that time the lady said, “STOP!” Confused my poor boy and rattled him. She just had him go down the street and turn back. ((WHAT??)) All because of one car? I didn’t get that and was really upset all day. I should have talked to the lady, but was more concerned about my son that looked like a river was going to flood his eyes. I felt so badly for him.

The real bummer thing is, he can’t take it for another two weeks and there are no appts. in San Diego area for a MONTH! I was so hoping this all worked out so he could drive him and his brother to the high school, but it looks like we’ll have to find a way around it.

I reflected about this whole situation yesterday and was a little miffed and wondered “why God?”! Didn’t make sense. He’s an awesome driver, way better than I was for only 6 month training. I only have to think that maybe God was in control of the details. Maybe he was protecting him from something I have no clue about.? We just don’t know, but we were both bummed out yesterday. Actually I think I was more miffed than him as the day wore on. He taught me something…I thought he’d be down in the dumps ALL day, but he showed me the kids really are resilient and do bounce back. By the end of the day, he made me feel better because of his light spirit.

Well, I’m off for a hair date with my daughter. Not sure what I’m going to do this time around, just am sick of my hair AGAIN! It’s never ending with me. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone.


Happy Hump Day!

Well, we finally found a truck for Zach! WOO HOO!!!! That was so exhausting, but we taught him how precious it is to wait sometimes. Had he not waited, he would have chosen a car that had a horrible oil leak. He was so disappointed, but what a valuable lesson learned. He’s really happy!

It’s a 98 4WD Toyota Tacoma. One owner, only 80,000 miles and what a deal. They man was an older man that died and his son was so excited to see him purchase it. He has quite a bit of pride and spent the last couple of days detailing it. We’re all excited for him and pray he passes his driving test on Friday.

As for Today’s “HIGH FIVE”…..well I don’t know if you get sick of certain telemarketers calling, but one person keeps calling our house (despite we are on the DO NOT CALL LIST) and reminding us about our warranty that expired. It’s an automated message and I tried to call it back, only to get a woman that hung up on me. So I found this neat website where you can complain about certain numbers (just check on your caller ID) and post this number or see if anyone else has complained. Gives you lots of resources for unwanted callers, etc.


Phone fraud: Report it! Stop it!

Ok, I’m off to finish my evening dailys! I’ll write back and let everyone know if Zach passed!