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Time Really Does Fly…

You know the old expression, “Time Flies,” I sincerely felt that as I watched my youngest daughter drive out of the driveway this morning on her way to church. Yep, all by herself, no coaching from mom, no extra set of eyes, and definitely less “in the car deep talks.” ((( Whaaaaa)))

Our bonding time was mostly in the car, whether it was going to school, church, and soccer practice. *sniff sniff* I’ve treasured all of those moments in the car. It gave us a chance to catch up with out any distractions. We were more receptive to hear and listen to each other. I’ve spoken wisdom in her life from the car.

Now…it’s time to pray that not only is she safe from destination to destination, but that she recalls and remembers all of the hours of talking, laughing, and wisdom I’ve imparted to her. That she will now use her car time to soak in the Lord, talk to Him now instead of me. Some of the most precious alone times in the car turned into my prayer time.

Time did fly, from that little girl that wondered off in the front yard just about giving me a heart-attack because she wanted to visit the neighbor behind us, to now blossoming into this beautiful young lady who is driving by herself. Only one more year of high school and she will moving into the next chapter of her story.


photo 1-2







I’m super proud of her even though we’ve had our ups and downs.  What Mom and daughter doesn’t?  But we learn and grow from those moments.  Olivia, may the Lord Bless you and Keep you for the rests of the days of your life.  May you be His bride and seek Him diligently as you continue to mature.  The Lord has great plans for you!

…Until I blog again

Check it out!

This is my son’s new song that he composed! AWESOME!!! :woot:

If you have time, please leave a comment on his youtube site! Thanks! pleasee

Happy Saturday!

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s the second day of January and I’m super excited. My theme this year is small changes give great results. 💡 I had tried in past years to do this or do that and only failing. I decided that changing something small in life can, with time, make a huge difference. It sure beats failing and failing again at something I never follow through with.

Here are some of my small changes and I hope you are inspired by them too! I know I’ll be adding to the list, but here’s a start!

1. Clean less, live more! (I refuse to be a slave to this house! There will always be something that needs to be cleaned, it can wait.)
2. Take time to invest in a hobby.
3. Realize you can take small steps doing something you want instead of thinking it will take you forever and then you never start it.
4. Be more active with my daily calendar. (Remember friend’s birthdays hapybirthday , special events, etc. and send snail cards.)
5. Tell a loved one each day just how much they mean to me.
6. Share my knowledge with others (make time) I have so many friends that always call on me for puter help, I need to nurture that ability and share it.
7. Eat less (I am doing this, not worrying about exactly what, but how much. It’s amazing how much you realize you were eating in one day.
8. Exercise 3 times a week. (Nothing huge, small steps! Consistency! And stress relief for my heart)
9. Take more time preparing my devotions for my classroom. :coffee:
10. Practice Patience. (I always thought I was patient and then the Lord shows me an area I’m not.)
11. Hug my kids more! (They are growing up fast)
12. Learn new recipes, cook more. (Kindof hard when your husband loves to cook!)
13. Curb my spending. (I’m not much of one to spend frivolously, but I want to be more mindful of every dime I spend on things.)
14. I want to practice doing laundry more often. (I tend to leave it until the weekend, would like to take a moment and do one load, just one load when I have time during the week.)
15. Pray more! (I am the type of person to pray through-out the day, but I’d like to take more time to pray WITH my friends and keep my prayer list up to date.)
16. Redo the downstairs bathroom. (Paint, towels, etc.)
17. Paint/redo the family room.
18. Put up a dining room light.

The last few are mainly about my house. I take that in stride so that as money becomes available, we do the project. Our house will always be an ongoing project. 😀

Have a wonderful day everyone! Best wishes to those of you with similiar resolutions, or for me changes!